10 tips to improve your baby’s sleep

baby's sleep

The infant’s sleep is not a bargain at all: with the nun you do not joke!

Good rest is essential for your baby, especially in the first few weeks of life, but it is not always easy to get it. Infants are also sleeping altogether 16 hours a day, with sleep-wake rhythms that follow their physiological needs, such as those related to hunger and thirst. During the early days, the little one could struggle to fall asleep or have frequent awakening, but do not worry! Try to be patient and support your rhythms, compatible with the type of nursing you have chosen or with specific needs. As the baby grows, the sleep-wake-up alternation will tend to regularize and you can follow some small tips to improve your child’s rest.

Just because of the importance of a serene maternity, it has drawn up a decalogue that collects a series of suggestions to encourage good baby sleep and make mothers and children happier. Let’s see what it is …

1) Understand and respect the baby’s rhythms

Especially in your first days of life, you will have to learn how to understand your baby’s sleep-sleeping rhythms, trying to comply with them and adapting to your needs. Night feeding is inevitable for a newborn, but you can try, at least for a while, to follow the same times: you will see that you will find a perfect understanding!

2) Do not be impatient

Be patient and understanding: the rhythms of your baby will initially be very irregular, but do not despair because as they grow, they will tend to stabilize.

3) Create pre-nuptial rituals

One of the tips to ensure a good sleep for your baby is to create small pre-nuptial rituals: a warm and fragrant bath, a fairy tale, a sleeping nun or a rune-bush. It will be your magic moment! This kind of special pampering will help the little to associate a positive feeling when falling asleep.

4) Fall asleep in his bedroom

To make the moment of sleep become a healthy and serene habit, it is preferable to use your child to fall asleep in his bedroom and cradle right away. It will be hard to resist the temptation to fall asleep while in your arms or when you’re around, but it’s important to associate your room when you go to sleep.

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5) Keep calm

To always be calm and serene is really crucial. Your child is able to feel if you are nervous or agitated and this will certainly prevent you from falling asleep quietly and quickly. If you continue to wake up or make yourself whimsical, do not be angry – make sure it’s okay and that’s all right.

baby's sleep

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6) Do not rush into his room just crying

This is certainly a tough test for a newcomer, but it is good to avoid running into his room as soon as you hear it cry. Even if you look cruel and ruthless, try to wait a bit before you get caught in your arms and cuddle it. When you enter the room, to help you get back to sleep early, it is best not to turn on the light immediately and always use a low and quiet voice tone.

7) Create an ad hoc setting for the nanna

A useful hint to ease the sleep phase and help your baby rest better is to create a suitable sleeping environment. The bedroom has to be comfortable, low light, quiet and with an internal temperature of about 20°. Even the choice of soft and relaxing colors for walls and furniture could make your baby’s room a true oasis of relaxation.

8) Place the baby up and down

One of the most popular recommendations at the international level is that of the baby’s position during sleep. The best solution is to put it on your belly: this position is the safest for your baby.

9) Do not cover it too much

One of the most common mistakes of a first-time mother is to dress up the baby too much. Avoid covering it too much will help you prevent it from happening, waking up and shaking, and getting sick.

10) Avoid drugs or natural remedies for sleep

Even if the child struggles to fall asleep or sleeps too little, do not fall into temptation to try to induce sleep with drugs or other natural remedies. Absurdly, you could get the opposite effect to what you hoped for! With a little patience and goodwill you will be sure to get rid of it.

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