5 reasons why it’s important to be silly with your children

When you are a parent, it is easy to concentrate on the serious tasks that must be done. You can forget that children are, by nature, often silly, and sometimes you need to embrace that for the happiness and health of yourself and your child.

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When you respond to your child’s natural silliness by being silly with them, you are meeting them at their own level. You show you respect their needs and they are more likely to do the same. They will be more likely to want to spend time with you and you will have a better understanding of each other. The importance of play to children, and its effect on attachment, has been a topic of scientific research.


If a child feels safe and stable as a child, they are more likely to be stable as an adult. One simple way to avoid emotional pain and vulnerability is to make sure life is full of laughter. If their life is joyful, they can avoid some of the negative emotions that will continue to affect their adulthood. If parents model that happy behaviour, the child will learn and follow their example.

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Coping with stress

Childhood, just like adulthood, is full of possible stressors. There are challenges to face at school, with peers and in preparation for adulthood. That is why it is important that children learn that seriousness is not the only part of life, that even when things are difficult you can find silliness and joy. It brings some perspective on what is really important.


Just because a game is silly does not mean it is not educational. Whether it is a game of imagination or trying to conquer one of the childrens wooden climbing frames such as https://www.niclimbingframes.com/childrens-wooden-climbing-frames, the child will have the opportunity to think in different ways and stretch their creative muscles. This in turn will help them learn to solve the more serious problems they face in future.

Positive discipline

Yes, there are some rules your child has to learn, but that does not mean you have to lay the law down with an iron hand. If you have a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding, they are more likely to want to listen to you and less likely to want to act against you.

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