5 Simple relaxation exercises for children

relaxation exercises for children

Here are some simple relaxation exercises for children. So you can teach your little ones how to rest and recharge their batteries.

Although childhood is characterized as a stage in which our children are full of energy, it is necessary to help them stay active so they do not experience sudden slumps.

In learning, of any kind, this is very useful because it allows them to learn to disconnect for a moment, relax and return to action with more enthusiasm, interest and retention capacity.

Although it seems that the life of young children consists only in fun. We must bear in mind that, being in a continuous learning, many times they can become exhausted both mentally and physically. Keep reading http://pearsonstyle.com/two-happy-jumping-little-plumbers/

The simple relaxation exercises we propose work for children of different ages. It does not require a great methodology but it does require empathy, patience, and perseverance.

The following simple relaxation exercises can be applied daily, without any previous training.

5 simple relaxation exercises for children

1. Breathing exercises

This type of exercise represents one of the most effective relaxation techniques, both for adults and children. You should tell your child to lie comfortably in his bed, close his eyes and place one hand on his chest and another on his stomach.

relaxation exercises for children

Then you ask him to imagine as a game that he is an accordion and that he should breathe deeply and slowly through his nose and exhale gently through his mouth.

Invite him to perform at least five breaths, rest, and then repeat. Accompany him while doing the exercise so that he also feels comforted by your company.

As a recommendation, apply this technique at night before going to sleep after a nice warm bath. Surely your son will rest deeply all night. Continue reading:  Child Mythomania : How to detect child mythomania and treat it?

2. The hug of the stuffed animal

This exercise is indicated to help relax muscles in young children. The activity consists in asking the child to inhale deeply and to hug his stuffed animal (or a small pillow) with great force.

Then, little by little, you guide him so that the tension in his arms decreases and at the same time he exhales slowly through his mouth. The result of this technique results in complete muscle and mental relaxation.

3. The game of the duster or the ball

The third of these simple relaxation exercises for children can even serve as a kind of game. In this way, the child can put it into practice with his younger siblings or friends.

relaxation exercises for childrenIt consists of lying down to your pair of games on a comfortable surface, asking him to close his eyes, and then sliding a feather duster over his partner’s arms and legs.

It is equally effective to slide a small, soft ball over your extremities. After 3 to 5 minutes, it will be time to change the shift. Try to guide the activity to make sure that the exercise is carried out in the correct way.

4. Surface massage

The fourth of the simple relaxation exercises for children is simply to give your child a message. You do not have to be an expert. Just take the time to help your child relax.

A massage can be translated as a series of caresses with the palm of the hand on the back of your child, with a little essential oil. The slower the action, the more relaxing it will be.

Back massage is only an alternative, but you can also try to massage the palms of the hand or the soles of the feet.

5. Visualization exercises

The visualization exercises are excellent before bedtime in case your child is afraid, or if he has been awakened by some bad dream.

You will guide the activity asking him to close his eyes and begin to caress his forehead. Then you will begin to describe places, situations or pleasant objects, which he should imagine. In this way, you will focus your attention on pleasant matters and forget, little by little, the nightmare.

relaxation exercises for childrenIn general, the simplest thing is to read them or tell them a short story, in a leisurely way, to distract them. However, you should prefer to swing your children in your arms while you sing the lullabies.

We hope that these five simple exercises of relaxation for children will be useful for you to apply them whenever you need them.

If you consider that your child is stressed too much in their day to day, or has an abnormal stiffness in their muscles, do not hesitate to consult a specialist immediately.

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