5 Tips for your child to learn to play alone

play alone

Are you surprised that your son does not play alone? One of the problems that worry parents the most is that today’s children do not know how to play alone. They need an adult to play with them or at least to be present.

We parents do not know what the reason is. It may be because they are very dependent on us or because they simply do not know how to play alone. Learning to play alone is important for all children.

Some of our children just want us to always play with them even if they have other siblings of similar ages. They always want us to be present. Even when they are in the park or the beach where there are other children to play.

Playing with parents is beneficial and usually a stimulus to their creativity. But they also have to learn to play alone and develop their own inner world.

Learning to play aloneplay alone

Parents need to know that children also need playing alone. The game alone is necessary for the cognitive and emotional development of children. After two years they can start playing perfectly without the help of an adult.

If children do not play alone, they will not learn to explore the world or to relate to other children and their environment. It is one of the ways in which children learn to make decisions for themselves.

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Create your own personal space

In addition, thanks to the individual game, children create their own personal space. A place where they can talk or play without an adult in front of them. If the children find any difficulty they can consult us. But in this type of game, we have to let the children play alone.

Acquire the habit of play aloneplay alone

The most important thing is to start little by little. First, we can try to play together and at some point let the child playing alone. For this training, we can play with them to make constructions or puzzles. At some point, we have to tell him to follow him alone because we have to do some activity. It may be answering a phone call or an email, for example. An activity that lasts a few minutes.

What is not a good idea is to start by letting him play alone for more than five minutes. Surely it will be overwhelmed and you will feel abandoned. With patience and time, we will achieve that little by little they will get that habit.

If they do not learn to play alone

Children of 2 or 3 years only want to be with us. For many parents, it sometimes becomes an overwhelming situation because they can not do anything else. For their own good and for our own, we have to try to get them into the habit of playing alone. They will learn to have fun, not to get bored whenever we are doing a task and to enjoy their autonomy.

Little by little, we will see how our little one is getting the pleasure to play individually. And it will surprise us how quickly it will do it without our help. A whole creative world unfolds for our children.

Balance in the gameplay alone

But beware, playing alone is beneficial for its development if it is a matter of time. Letting them always be playing alone also deprives them of our attention and participation in their emotional world. You have to find a balance between the individual game and the one you enjoy with other people, whether they are parents, grandparents or siblings, and friends of your age.

Children have to enjoy all types of games. It is not good that they never play alone but they do not always do it individually.

And much less if it is electronic games with the computer, the console or the tablet. Children cannot be playing all day with electronic devices alone because they can create dependence when they grow up. Put them from a small schedule for the game with electronic devices and do not use it as a nanny to be entertained. In the long run, it can create more problems than benefits.

For children and for us it is fundamental to find the balance between playing alone and playing with other people. Try to get kids to get into the habit of playing alone when they are small but do not let them leave the game with other people.

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