6 Children’s songs to teach your child to calculate

children's songs

Teaching your child to calculate does not have to be a boring task. Neither monotonous nor old-fashioned. On the contrary, you can use the most varied methods to educate about numbers. Therefore, we present 6 children’s songs for your child to learn to count.

The songs constitute musical compositions that keep positive aspects. One of them is that they are an ideal means to learn and even memorize knowledge. Many of the children’s songs can be used to teach your child how to calculate. The idea is that the child acquires that knowledge more easily and quickly.

Mathematics is a science that for many people poses complications. Some children dislike having to study and learn them. For them, everything that has to do with numbers is very difficult and boring.

However, teaching mathematics does not have to be a bad experience. You can teach your child to calculate in a fun and original way. As a father, it is your duty to find that way, with which your child enjoys the learning you give him about adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.

Why is it important to teach your child to calculate?

children's songs

Calculating is one of the activities that the human being performs most throughout his life. Since he is aware and as he grows, man has to go associating things, elements, numbers … Telling, definitely, is part of his life. Therefore, it is necessary that you teach your child this practice since childhood using several methods.

If a child learns to calculate, he/she will be able to have good school performance and subjects such as mathematics would not be so inconvenient. In addition, you will more easily understand the operations and exercises explained to you at school. In this process, the songs are good strategies to teach your child to calculate.

Children’s songs to teach your child to calculate

There are many useful nursery rhymes to teach your child how to calculate. However, here we present the six best melodies. They are the easiest and your child will enjoy learning them. You, on the other hand, will feel happy to see how your little one dominates the calculation perfectly.

Surely, you already know many of these letters. And, if not, you can memorize them and then sing them with your child. All you have to do is give yourself to fun and songs. Your child will also thank you for devoting part of your time in sharing activities of this type with him. To sing has been said!

1. The Turuleca hen

children's songs

“The chicken Turuleca has laid an egg, put two, put three. Turuleca hen has put four, has put five, has put six. Turuleca hen has put seven, has put eight, has put nine. Where is that chicken, let her put ten, “says the lyrics of this catchy song, which is one of the best known in some countries.

This melody is one of the most classic. Tells the story of a chicken that is crazy and that is from a neighbor of the singer. Through the Turuleca hen, you can teach your child the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10 without any problem. This song is very common in children’s parties, so when your child attends one, you can practice it.

2. The ten puppies

With this song, your child will be able to learn the numbers from 1 to 10. One of the basic lessons for learning to calculate. This song is very funny and has as its protagonist the best friend of man: the dog. Therefore, your child will be charming to the rhythm of this melody.

“I had ten puppies, I had ten puppies. One was lost in the snow, I have only nine left “, is part of the lyrics of the song. It is ideal to learn to subtract. The music begins with ten puppies, which are subtracted as the melody progresses until there is none left. If you try to stimulate the baby;s memory try this tips.

3. One, doll, cloth, gun

children's songs

“Una, doll, tela, canola, quilt, quilete, was the queen in her cabinet. Gil came, turned off the lamp, candle, candle, count twenty that the twenty are “, is what the lyrics of this song. It is a melody that is, at the same time, a kind of tongue twister. The composition is perfect for learning the numbers from 1 to 20.

The idea is that, once your son has sung, he can count to 20. This melody can also be sung and practiced in a group. You can invent a game through it, find different participants and assign a number to each player.

4. The doll dressed in blue

The doll dressed in blue is one of the most classic children’s songs. Many people know it and chant it as soon as they hear it. We bet that you are not the exception. Your son will love this music that will teach him notions of addition.

“Two plus two is four. Four and two are six. Six and two are eight and eight sixteen, “says the song. The lyrics speak of a doll dressed in blue who has white shoes and a tulle apron. Her owner takes her out for a walk but is constipated. He goes to the doctor and he recommends giving him syrup with a fork. Very funny story!

5. An elephant was swinging

children's songs

Another of the best-known melodies is that of the elephant that swayed. Surely, you have listened and you still sing it. Now, it’s about you teaching it to your son. This song is ideal to start counting from number 1 to infinity. At the same time, you have fun testing the resistance of the famous spider web.

“An elephant was swinging on the web of a spider. As he saw that he resisted, he went to call another elephant. Two elephants swayed on a spider’s web. As they saw that he resisted they went to call another elephant “, says the letter. This song is very entertaining. Your child will not only learn to count but to exercise memory.

6. One kilometer on foot

“One kilometer on foot I already did, I already did. A kilometer on foot I have already done with my feet, 1, 2, 3 … Two kilometers on foot, I already did, I already did. Two kilometers on foot I have done with my feet, 1, 2, 3 … “, indicates the lyrics of this melody. This song is great so that little by little you can add more numbers. Your son can not stop singing it no matter how much he wants.

It is a composition that also teaches about distances. Not only will you be able to explain your numbers to your child, but it would also be ideal to awaken your curiosity, mainly about measurements, such as meters or kilometers. This song could very well be taught to you even with a choreography.


children's songs

Teaching your child how to calculate can be an arduous task. Especially, if you do not know or use ideal means. The songs are a very useful method for you, as a father, to fulfill this mission. You must not forget that children like creativity and playfulness.

You can also combine children’s songs with other strategies to teach your little ones about calculations and numbers. The games are another great alternative. The fundamental thing is that you start to fly your imagination as a mom or dad and get actively involved in the formation of your offspring, even if you have to sing with it!

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