6 Tips to choose a good summer camp for your children

summer camp

Attending a summer camp can be one of the most pleasant and unforgettable experiences for all children and adolescents. Meeting new people, living unpublished experiences and, above all, having a good time mark life forever.

Selecting a good summer camp for the children is a complex task, which requires searching for information, preparing your child and dedicating time. It should not be a decision that is taken lightly, nor in which the urgency of not knowing who will take care of the children during the summer prevails, while the parents are still working.

How to select a good summer camp?

Here we present what we consider are the 6 fundamental recommendations so that you can select the best summer camp for your child, according to your budget and insurance for everyone’s peace of mind.

1. Agree with the decision with your child

summer campIf this is the first time your son attends a camp in which he will spend a few days away from home, he has to go voluntarily. It is useless to make an effort to seek “the best” if your child is not involved and convinced of the decision.

If it is a decision you must make because there is no one to take care of you during the school holidays, it is important that you explain your reasons, that you involve them in the search, to find the best option that combines those reasons with the preferences and your child’s views.

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2. Start the search with time

Deciding which is the best summer camp for your child is as important a decision as deciding which school you study. It can not be taken at the last moment. You have to investigate budgets, compare options, consult with other parents. That takes time.

If your child is interested in a particular subject (sports, languages, hiking, cooking classes or others) you will surely find the options. The generalist camps are giving way to specialized camps.

Finding the best for you and your children requires a comprehensive search that matches the interests with your budget. Keep reading https://diffone.com/family/protect-your-baby-from-respiratory-infections/

3. Investigate, ask, clarify doubts

summer campFind all the information that you consider important (schedules, activities, staff in charge, first aid, etc.). Avoid getting carried away by what is “fashionable” or by what sells advertising. To do this, remember:

  • Check the camp website.
  • Look at the photographs they post on their social networks.
  • Read the opinions of other parents about the camp that interests you.
  • Asking other parents directly is an extraordinary source of information. It is your responsibility to protect the safety of your children during their holidays.

Organize the information you collect and then ask the people in charge of the camp. It is good that you ask them in private by means of a phone call or by email, or through social networks. If you can visit the facilities before making a decision, much better.

4. Evaluate if your child is prepared

A summer camp that involves spending the night away from home for one or two weeks should not be for children under 8 to 9 years old.

Even so, there are camps that receive them after 6 years. If you consider that to be the option for you, evaluate well how long you will send your child. A young child will always miss being with people he knows.

There are camps that operate in the facilities of educational institutions and with the same school schedule. That can be an excellent option for children of 6 years or younger. And you can combine these activities with some family plans.

5. Evaluate the organization or responsible

To select the best camp, you must take into account some important aspects of the responsible organization or instance. It is not a small thing since you will be in charge of your children during a good number of days.

summer campAmong the most important considerations, you should take into account:

  • If you comply with current regulations if you have liability insurance and what your contingency plans are for emergencies.
  • Ask them to commit in writing about how they will treat your child in case of emergency.
  • If your child is small it is good that the summer camp is easily accessible for you.
  • In case of being a camp outside the city or your community, evaluate how long you can get if an emergency arises.
  • Ask how many years of experience they have in organizing vacation plans for children and teenagers.
  • If your child has a disability, learning problems or follows a strict diet for a medical reason, assess whether the camp is able to meet those particularities.
  • Ask how they select their staff and how many people are in charge of how many children.

6. Inform and prepare your child

It is important that your child knows in advance what they are going to find, what activities they are going to do, how to act in case they find something they do not like … Also that they get involved in the preparation of everything that goes to need in the camp.

Attending a summer camp is a great opportunity for any child or adolescent since they combine playfulness with the learning of a particular subject and the always fruitful exchange with other children and adolescents.

It is important that you make the decision along with your son so that he is prepared and enjoys the new experiences he will experience this summer.

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