6 Tips to make your children eat vegetables

children eat vegetables

Ah, children and their eating habits! Some people agree to eat everything, but many refuse to touch vegetables! And yet, it is the foods that do them the best! The parents are still suffering from this ordeal: but how to make them eat vegetables without spending hours there and wipe out crises of tears and nerves? We offer you today our solutions to make your children eat vegetables while staying zen! Come on, we relax.

Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber essential for growing children. However, they have a bad reputation with children, because of their appearance, their texture and sometimes their taste. To make the relationship between your child and the vegetables healthier, follow our tips! They will no longer look at their peas the same way: and neither do you!

Here we write 6 tips for your children eat vegetables

1. Go there gradually

To make her children eat vegetables, it is important not to squeeze her last. Nothing worse than the feeling of being forced to eat something: usually when it happens, you never want to touch it again! We must, therefore, demonstrate pedagogy. The good old method of “finish your plate otherwise you do not leave the table” is to be avoided. Instead, we suggest you gently introduce the vegetables to your child in the dishes you prepare.

 children eat vegetablesStudies show that by introducing mini-bites of any food on a regular basis, our brain (like that of our children) learns to appreciate this taste. Simply place small pieces of vegetables on a regular basis on your children’s plate, until they get used to the texture and taste and want to eat more often. Just be careful to introduce the same vegetable several times, so that your child really gets used to the taste of the latter. Over time, he should start to appreciate it and you can give him more! Continue reading: 7 Signs of a sleep disorders in children

2. Learn to camouflage them

Mastering the art of camouflage is a talent that can serve you as a parent! Indeed, to make your children eat vegetables, nothing is better than camouflaging them in other foods! It’s easy to do, and usually our kids love (as long as they do not realize the trick!). To do this, we advise you to opt for vegetables that can be cooked mashed or diced. Hide them in foods that your children like.

 children eat vegetables

For example, to make them eat peas, you can crush them and mix them with minced meat. Make small balls from the mixture, and cook them like regular meatballs. Promised, they will love! When it comes to eating healthy children, it is sometimes necessary to be resourceful but once you are started, there are plenty of ideas!

3. Play on the texture

Children are particularly sensitive to the texture of food. Indeed, they prefer the soft textures and the little-pronounced tastes. For them to eat vegetables it can be astute to offer purees, soups and vegetable smoothies. These will be easier to swallow for them, and the soft texture will not make them flee. Adapt your recipes according to their tastes and season. Prefer smoothies in spring and summer, and good hot soups in winter.

 children eat vegetables

As for puree, it is easy to incorporate various types of vegetables without your children noticing. Forget the simple mashed potato, vary the pleasures starting with the sweet potato for example, that the children particularly appreciate its sweet flavor. Also, think of pumpkin or small weights. Use your ingenuity to find the best combinations to make the texture of your dishes softer, and your children enjoy eating vegetables!

4. Play on the presentation

Our children are also very affected by the presentation of the dishes. If they do not seem to them ragouts, it is probable that they do not want to even touch it! So how to remedy this? Well, we play with the presentation of our dishes. The more inventive ones will create characters based on cucumbers, beetroot, and peppers but it is not necessary to push the game as far. Draw a smiling face on the plate or a clown! Put food in the form of a house, a sun, in short: a picture with a nice connotation, push your children to want to grab a bite!

 children eat vegetables

The goal, generally, is to push them to taste. Because often children are put off by received ideas or the appearance of food without the taste does not displease them. Finding ways to make them taste foods is usually the best way to make them appreciate them. Because it is impossible not to appreciate the taste of all vegetables. It’s about making the mealtime a pleasure and making your children more curious, more open and more able to test new flavors!

5. Suggest that children get their hands dirty

To make your children eat vegetables, getting them to work is also a good idea. Children like to learn through play, but also to feel responsible and “big”. Enabling them to participate in the preparation of what they eat will increase their maturity and self-confidence. In addition, they will be curious to taste what they have prepared: and with pride, they will probably tell you they love since it is “they who did it”.

 children eat vegetablesHowever, we are very careful in cooking and we do not let them handle fire or sharp objects without supervision and according to their age. It’s all about helping them to take initiatives, to participate but always to pay attention to their safety: we tend to forget about it but in the kitchen, if we do not pay attention, we can be very bad! Your children should take a liking to those cooking moments that they will be able to share with you, and the vegetables they will know better will look much less nasty!

6. Take them to the market with you

If you want your children eat vegetables, there’s nothing like taking them to the market with you! By doing this, you will make them discover new flavors, and they could taste them. What seems like a chore or a round trip for shopping is an adventure for them. Remember that children have an overflowing imagination and that everything can become a fun game for them!

 children eat vegetablesSo be excited to bring them with you and show them the stalls, your favorite veggies, have them taste some fruit … Explain to them where their plate comes from and how these vegetables grow. By getting to know the vegetables, smelling their smell and why not by tasting them directly to the market, your children could start to appreciate them more and more.

And you, do you have tips to share to make your children eat vegetables?

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