The arrival of a new brother is the best gift

new brother

The arrival of a new brother is an event that should bring joy to the firstborn. However, it is normal that older children feel resentment and jealousy for the new member of the family because during this stage there are major changes. In many cases, children find it difficult to adapt to them.

How to get your older child to adapt in a positive way?

In order for your firstborn to feel happy for the arrival of a new brother, it is necessary that you help him. These suggestions will be very useful for you.

Meet the baby in the hospital

This is a good option since you can be with your mom again and see your little brother for the first time. Thus, you can allow him to look at him and caress him prudently the necessary time. In this way, you will begin to strengthen that fraternal bond.

new brother

Another practical suggestion is to give a gift from the newborn to his older brother. You must make him feel that his love for him has not changed, that he remains a leading member of the family. Continue reading: 7 Signs of a sleep disorders in children

Keep the daily routine

With the arrival of a new baby, changes occur in the home. As much as possible, you should keep the same routine for your older son, so you will not create confusion in him.

If you can not avoid it, explain with tact the reason for some changes. Respecting their spaces and keeping their belongings in their places is another practical suggestion.

Dedicate time

Although it is difficult to find time for your older child, you should try to find a time of day to be alone with him. Both parents have to dedicate exclusive time to enjoy each of their children.

Include your older child in activities related to the newborn

Allow him to participate in the care of the baby. For example, help to hold the diaper or bottle, among other things that are within your reach and depending on your age. This will make him feel useful and important and will facilitate the approval of the new member.

Another alternative is to have fun with the older one while the little one is present. Thus, the child will know that mom can continue to share with him singing, playing or reading stories. The goal is to see a new brother as a family gift.

Caring for communication with the child

You must explain to your child frankly, but according to their age and maturity what is happening. As of 2 years of age, he is already able to understand many things. Listen carefully to your concerns and respond with terms that he understands.

new brother

You can also tell him about the time he was a baby and how you took care of him. Show him photos and clothes from that time; This will make you feel identified. It is essential to show affection and affection at all times, to feel that his parents continue to love him as they will love the newborn.

Keep the role of other family members

Other close relatives such as grandparents and uncles can dedicate quality time to the child. They serve activities like taking it to play at the park, to snack, to the movies or other usual activity.

This will serve to not notice the change so drastically, that is, the fact that Mom cannot spend so much time.

4 situations that parents should prevent

You can avoid uncomfortable situations and avoid misunderstanding your child about his new brother. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not let the older child overdo his attempts to keep his parents’
  • As parents, you should not feel bad about spending time caring for the baby.
  • Do not let the child dominate the situation with tantrums or uncontrolled crying.
  • Show firmness but with patience and love to correct it.

Sibling jealousy is the common response of children to the arrival of someone who requires more attention.

Why the jealousy of the older child at the arrival of a new brother?

The jealousy in the small ones is a normal and positive feeling within the reasonable thing since they indicate that the boy has developed a strong effective bond with his parents. This is paramount to love and be loved during your life.

new brotherUsually, the new baby captures the attention of everyone, especially their parents. That is why the eldest son will see his relationship with his parents threatened and will demonstrate it through extreme behavior.

It can be balanced to serve both children at home and show them the love and affection they deserve. In this way, the arrival of a new brother will be understood as the best gift.

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