10 astringent foods for children with diarrhea

children with diarrhea

When we go through an episode of diarrhea, the stomach becomes much more delicate, it is practically impossible to make a good digestion of any food that we take. However, there are some foods, called astringent foods that after the acute phase of diarrhea can help to retain better nutrients, as the digestive system recovers more quickly. If you do not know what to eat with diarrhea, surely you have it more complicated if it is your baby who has this problem. It does not matter how old the child is, because there are some astringent foods for children and adults that can be adapted to the needs of each person. Today we will see the best tips to treat with astringent food for children with diarrhea.

Discover which foods are forbidden in this phase, what drinks we can give to children and the benefits of diarrhea foods for infants and older children. Take note!

Astringent foods recommended for children with diarrhea

Although some years ago it was recommended that before an episode of diarrhea the administration of food be completely cut off, giving the patient only liquids for his recovery, today the medical guidelines have changed.

And is that especially in children in which the loss of water and electrolytes caused by diarrhea is so dangerous, it is very important that they recover as soon as possible, and the best way is through a diet for adequate diarrhea.

What happens when it comes to a baby that has not yet taken whole foods? For a lactating baby, milk is its main food. It is your drink and your food, and it also contains all the nutrients so that you recover from diarrhea as soon as possible, so do not stop feeding it. Breast milk and formula is one of the foods that cut the most potent diarrhea for the baby, so continue with it on demand.

As for older children who no longer take breast milk, cow ‘s milk is one of the foods that we must eliminate because they do not digest well, and worsens the condition of the patient even more. Instead, there are other foods to cut diarrhea that will come in handy for the child to be better.

We will see what to eat for children with diarrhea that already in the recovery phase.

Chicken or turkey meat

Poultry meat is the most astringent, very easy to digest and light for children. It can be prepared grilled or cooked and even put it inside a homemade porridge mixed with carbohydrates also astringent. It is a perfect dish for lunch or dinner for the child.

Cooked rice

It is the best food we can include in a loose stomach diet. Include rice when the child can tolerate liquids and have the strength to digest the solids. You just have to boil the rice to serve it alone or with a little protein. In porridge, it is also very good for babies.


Another good thing for diarrhea that we all know is the banana. Of all the fruits to stop diarrhea, it is the most comfortable to drink and appetizing for children. Within a diet recommended for children with diarrhea, you can take a banana for breakfast, snack, and any time the child feels like it.

Is ripe or green banana better? The more mature it is, the more digestible it will be and the better the child will tolerate it.


Every diet for stomach decomposition excludes bluefish because it is not digested well. But white fish is equal or more recommendable than white poultry meat. Hake is one of the good foods for children with diarrhea that can be grilled, cooked or baked, and even make porridge with rice or potato.

Baked potato

Cooked or mashed potatoes are one of the most appetizing foods for children. It digests very well, and also provides a lot of energy for the children to recover before their illness. Substitute perfectly the classic white rice for diarrhea in children and can serve as a garnish for meat or white fish.

Baked apple

When the child is so bad that he does not want to eat anything, but he needs to take something to recover, try to offer him a delicious baked apple and you’ll see how he feels. It is a very rich food in pectin, which becomes more digestive and astringent when cooked in the oven.


Quince candy is another of the antidiarrheal foods that children love. The fruit can also be taken a whole, but it is more appetizing to offer it to children in the form of quince jelly, for example, if you have diarrhea after breakfast and it is not quite right.

Noodle Soup

Another recommended food for diarrhea is a noodle soup. On the one hand, it has the contribution of water and electrolytes provided by the soup itself, and on the other, the cooked pasta is one of the best foods for astringent diet along with rice and kick. Very rich and easy to digest by children with diarrhea.

White bread

Most snacks for 1-year-old babies usually contain a little bread. Why not continue with the normal diet and offer the little white bread to improve diarrhea? It is one of the best astringent foods for babies, which can be taken alone or accompanied with quince jelly if you feel like it.

Natural yogurt

Although it is said that the combo of diarrhea and milk is totally incompatible, there is a dairy that comes great to treat diarrhea. Yogurt is one of the astringent foods par excellence since it contains beneficial bacteria that restore the intestinal flora of the child and improve their health in less time.

You can also offer kefir to your little one, another very rich dairy and good for your recovery.

children with diarrhea

Astringent foods; precautions in children with diarrhea

Although astringent foods are very good for cutting diarrhea and helping the patient to improve their health, the abuse of these can end up causing completely opposite symptoms.

If the child continues to take many astringent foods, we may cause mild constipation, which may get worse over time.

Once the child has recovered from his diarrhea and can do good digestion, we must return to a normal diet that contains fiber and allows you to completely restore the function of the digestive system.

The foods prohibited in an astringent diet are the following:

  • Fatty foods
  • Foods that are rich in lactose
  • Stews
  • Fried
  • Breaded
  • Sausages (except cooked ham)
  • The sweets
  • Fratulent foods (cabbage, broccoli, lentils …)
  • Fruits with skin (grapes, plums …)

If you have any doubt about the action of astringent foods and the risk of causing constipation in children with diarrhea, consult your pediatrician.

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