Autism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

Autism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

Autism Newborn Baby Symptoms

Given the variety of autism symptoms in newborn baby , not always have to be all present in order to be able to undergo a diagnostic study. If you have any doubt about the presence of some behavioral disorder, you should contact a specialist.


Autism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

In the various forms of autism symptoms, autism signals are quite different. The most common and most commonly reported literature concerns the difficulty of establishing eye contact, lack of response to social smell, lack of response to sound stimuli or name, even if spoken by family members.

Autism symptoms

Other signs and symptoms concern the difficulty of following with moving objects, the lack of communicative gestures, the difficulty of following the action of other people, the absence of behaviors to attract the attention of others, the difficulty of expressing or expressing affection or receiving them from other people.

AutisticAutism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

The typical autistic, since birth, lacks all of that series of characteristic behaviors of newborns. For example, it does not stretch to be taken in the arm, does not imitate behavior, has difficulty playing games with other children, has difficulty in seeking help or objects/activities desired.

Childhood Autism

Autism is a disease that is commonly known from two years of age. The childhood autism symptoms are often vary based on the age of the child, in fact, they differ in the first two years of life compared to older children.

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Mild Autism

Autism Symptoms in Newborn BabyDoes autism arise, or does it become autistic? This and many others are the questions that lie in the mind of those who have to do with abnormal behaviors of their children. It might be useful to know that in the early years of life the signs of autism show much more often as the absence of behaviors. The latter would be fundamental evolutionary stages in the normal developmental path of the child.

Autistic children

Autism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

Depending on the child’s age, the symptoms are different. In particular, at 6 months, autistic children usually do not respond to the smile of others and do not show joy. At 9 months they do not target sounds and facial expressions, at 12 months they do not respond when called by name. Often the installation is absent, lacking gestures with clear communicative value, such as greetings or indications.

Autism test

Around 16 months of life, what should be a concern is the absence of singular pronounced words, while at 24 months the absence of sentences composed of two words. Very often if they are present, they consist mainly of repetitions of sentences heard on television or heard by adults.

Autism Causes

Autism Symptoms in Newborn Baby

What are the causes of autism? This pathology is mainly determined by genetic abnormalities. Probably the concomitant of other predisposing factors goes to cause autism disorder. There is no cure for autism but there are therapeutic interventions ( autistic games ) designed to improve these children’s living conditions.

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