Baby Grobag Sleeping Bags Are The Best

Baby-Grobags-Sleeping-Bags- Designs

Baby Grobag Sleeping Bags Are The Best

Taking the time to choose one appropriate amongst the sea of mediocre baby sleeping bags can mean a lot for your baby in the long run and it is something that should not be taken likely. This article will explain why this is an important decision to make, problems that can occur with cheap products and materials, things to anticipate and avoid, and why baby Grobag sleeping bags are so good. So sit back, do a little reading and I hope you’ll enjoy and find something useful.


Why Should You Use Baby Grobags?

Since babies, sensitive as they are, must be left alone during sleep there is always a question of how safe they will be through that time. Traditional bedding like blankets and sheets can cause problems to a child. Certain studies have shown that some babies have trouble with the part of the brain that controls breathing in the moment of waking up, so as a result, they will not respond normally to a breathing challenge in times when their blanket is covering their mouth or nose. To prevent such scenario you should replace all standard bedclothes with a Grobag sleeping bag so your baby can sleep safer.

One significant thing that separates baby Grobag from the competition is research that stands behind all of their products. Every baby sleeping bag is done with much care and planning. You can rest assured that materials used in the making will never harm your baby in any way. This can’t be said for cheap products that are being sold every day. Bags made from polyester and other similar materials are the main causes for children waking up with rashes and irritated skin. Grobag sleeping bags are made only from the most natural material – cotton.

Size and Design

Baby Grobags comes in a variety of sizes and designs. It is important to know your exact child measures before making a purchase, which will save you the trouble of going back to the store and replacing the wrong size. Choose a size depending on how old, heavy, and long your baby is.


From 0 to 6 months – min weight of 4kg (8lbs 8oz) – max length of 68cm (27″)

From 6 to 18 months – min weight of 8.1kg (18lbs) – max length of 86cm (34″)

From 18 to 36 months – min weight of 11.4kg (25lbs) – max length of 98cm (39″)

From 3 to 6 years – min chest radius of 53.5cm (21″) – max length of 116cm (46″)

Baby-Grobags-Sleeping-Bags- Designs

Grobag always does its best to ensuring the interesting design of their bags for both you and your baby. Some of the designs laid out in the picture are Lou berry Bear, Home Grown Organic, Grand Day Out, Peek a Zoo, A Little Adventure, Classic Tractor, Vintage Friends, Blossom Fair, Little Space Invader, and others.

Baby Grobags in various motif designs

Grobag Tog Explanation

Tog (warmth rating) of the bag defines how much your child will be warm while wearing a baby Grobag. For every weather and temperature, a different tog is used.

Grobag produces their baby sleeping bags in three different togs which will suit your baby in any possible situation.

Grobag 2.5tog – made for conditions with slightly lower temperatures, from 16°C – 20°C

1.0 or 1 Grobag tog – good for warmer weather and indoor activities during the day, around 21°C – 23°C

Grobag 0.5tog – lowest tog for very hot days and heated rooms – summer Grobag, about 24°C – 27°C

Something More About Grobag UK


Grobag from UK is the biggest manufacturer of baby sleeping bags and related apparel for kids in the World. Their products are sold in amazing numbers throughout all continents. Beside Grobag baby sleeping bag, other well-known products from them include Be Safe car seats for children from Grobag travel line that increase safety during driving, digital egg shaped Grobag thermometer for easy and fun temperature readouts and many more.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

Small children are extremely sensitive to outer conditions, especially infants. Even the smallest change in room’s temperature or blanket covering their nose can be a big problem. That is why certain measures need to be applied.

Always use a baby Grobag and put the baby to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of cot death or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Not only mothers that are pregnant should avoid smoking but also adults that interact with the baby in any way. Toxins from their skins can harm the baby. And this goes not only for smoking but also for consuming alcohol, heavy medications or drugs.

Make sure the room temperature is always right, somewhere about 20°C or 68°F. Anything above or below that range can potentially cause problems for the infant. Make sure the environment is properly heated and ventilated.

Although this may sound trivial, sleeping with the baby in the same bed is just a call for trouble. At any time it is enough for you to roll over and squish your baby, especially when you are a newly parent not used to sleep with a baby. Even if you are careful baby can still roll over and fall down. It makes you uncomfortable just by thinking about it, right?

Make sure you breastfeed your baby for as long as you can. But, using a dummy to put the baby to sleep reduces the chances for SIDS.

I hope this article made a difference for you. And now, you can freely go shopping for baby Growbags!


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