Baby hygiene: the 7 daily gestures!

Baby hygiene: the 7 daily gestures!

7 Simple cleaning task for baby hygiene

In addition to being very important, the toilet is also a great moment of complicity with your baby. Here are 7 simple gestures to do every day to make it work!

Cleaning the eyes

Cleaning the eyes is the first step in your baby’s toilet. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before starting the toilet. Carefully put a cotton wool soaked in physiological saline on the baby’s eyelids. Do not forget the corner of the eyes and make sure not to press too much. Use a different cotton for each eye.

Ear cleaningBaby hygiene: the 7 daily gestures!

The cleaning of the ears is the second step of the toilet. The use of cotton stem should be avoided: it can hurt your baby and damage his eardrums. Do not forget that his ears are still very sensitive! Instead, use a piece of folded cotton in the shape of a cone and pass it only on the outer horn and the edge of the ear in order to clean well and to avoid the formation of the wax plug.

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Cleaning the nose

Cleaning the nose is the third step in the toilet. But be careful, baby’s nose is also very sensitive. Proceed in the same way as for the eyes. Wrap a cotton wool soaked in physiological saline and clean gently. Change cotton between each nostril and make sure to remove the mucus. It is often the time of the toilet least appreciated by the babies …

Cleaning the umbilical cord

The cord usually falls between the 5th and the 15th day of your baby. In the meantime, it is important to take care of them. Disinfect the umbilical cord daily with a sterile compress and a suitable antiseptic. Then dry gently with a clean compress and leave the cord in the open air.

Facial CleansingBaby hygiene: the 7 daily gestures!

Feel free to clean your baby’s face as often as needed. Use a rinse-free cleansing milk and around cotton. Do not forget the neck and the back of the ears and repeat the operation until the cotton is perfectly clean.

The cleaning of the genitals

The intimate toilet of your baby is to be restarted after each change of layer. You can easily find special, easy-to-carry wipes that will keep you and your baby through the day. For the genitals, use a damp cotton. Be careful not to forget the folds. For small boys, avoid shifting the foreskin before the age of 4 months.

After cleansing – hydration

The skin of your baby is still very fragile, which is why it is imperative to protect it by daily hydration. Choose a skin-friendly cream, that is, richer if your baby has dry skin. There are very good creams specially formulated for the skin of babies.

ConclusionBaby hygiene: the 7 daily gestures!

Mainly diaper rash (redness on the buttocks) is very common in babies. In this case, avoid washing the toilet after the change. 1 to 2 times a day will suffice. Also, use a suitable cream for your baby.

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