Baby monitors – Parental piece of mind for sleeping babies


Baby monitors – Parental piece of mind for sleeping babies

Baby monitor hunting is a topic that you could honestly spend half your life researching – You could compare it to buying a car as there are so many features and whizz-bang extras and upgrades they can do or say they do. Unfortunately, I did spend A LOT of time doing this but the outcome of this is that I’m able to share my research and view that will hopefully point you in the right direction. I originally thought I wanted every bell and whistle humanly possible as my little one was the most our most precious thing in the whole world so why not get it all – Motion detection, Video camera, Night vision, 2 Way audio, and full Wi-Fi connection so that I could log in and view from the other side of the world. After I thought I found exactly what my Dear wife asked me “what do you need all those features for”? Great question, and so I started rattling off my justification of every feature ever created and why we needed them. Obviously, in my mind, it made perfect sense having all of these features but when you actually come back to think about this one by one then you start to understand if they are really needed and fundamentally needed.


Motion detection or the sensor pad:

I’ve honestly had huge discussions with friends on this as well as people in shops whilst looking at other baby equipment and there is a big divide in perception of the usefulness of these. Yes, they are very techie. Back in the day my parents never had one and I was fine, but I will now 100% stand by these as they provided me an absolute piece of mind whenever our daughter was sleeping.

These work by placing the sensor pad under the mattress and they measure micro-vibrations, ie your baby breathing. If for some reason the pad does not sense any movement for 20 seconds then the alarm will start sounding in the room and also through the monitor with you at the other end of the house. Many of the people I’ve spoken to on these have said “oh but the alarm was always going off scaring us” so we juts turned it off. When I hear this I ask them if they followed all the instructions as this is critical because the pad needs be placed on a flat surface to ensure it can feel all the vibrations correctly, otherwise if it is placed directly on slats there are lots of gaps and the baby can easily roll off the sensor pad. When talking through this I’ve found that usually these haven’t been followed to the letter, so I cant stress enough to please “read the instructions”. When followed these are absolutely fabulous and add a level of security that will provide you a feeling of safety and comfort knowing you will be alerted if heaven forbids there was ever a reason that you wouldn’t hear through a standard monitor. Sometimes out daughter would breath so quietly during the night that before we had this we’d jump out of bed in the middle of the night to check on her. But with this, we were able to relax and sleep easily knowing the monitor was tracking watching her for us. There are additional settings for the sensor pad like having a tone to the sensor sound etc but we’ve chosen to just have the pad enabled for alerting. What really hit home for us was when some close friends who were using this let us know the alert system saved them from a very serious situation and from here on we’ve never looked back and recommended to anyone sitting on the fence.

Some other features include:


Voice-activated sound monitoring which brilliantly clear will let you know when the little one has woken or chatting away to themselves

Nursery light situated on the top which provides a good room glowanglecare-monitor

Battery, as well as mains, operated handset extremely good range

Hopefully, you’ve found this useful and helps you with some insight.


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