Baby Sleep Monitor: Sleeping baby always under control

Quiet sleep is beloved offspring, perhaps, can be safely attributed to the priority desires of young mothers. In a healthy child and a healthy sleep, and it concerns equally the physical condition of the baby and his/her psyche. Especially important is a good sleep for babies to healthy growth and development.  

Baby Sleep Monitor is a small device that resembles a radio, which consists of a transmitter and a receiver equipped with a microphone picks up sound at a distance of 3 meters away from the baby. The receiver is a portable part, which should always be at close to the mother, and the transmitter is installed in the baby’s room, where baby can quietly relax.

With the advent of the baby sleep monitor in the house, mothers can safely go to complete their chores around the house while the baby sleeps. At the same time, she does not need to be distracted and go in to see the baby woke up or not, afraid to disturb his sleep.

In addition, the baby sleep monitors models have some additional features …

  • Give an audible or visual signal the removal of the parent of the receiver is out of range;
  • Signal indicator light on the level of the battery charger;
  • Show the temperature and humidity in the nursery;
  • Play some lullaby melodies in case if the baby wakes up, and my mother just cannot approach;
  • It also monitors the child’s breathing. Toddlers sometimes during sleep have trouble breathing, so having this feature on the device can be calm, always have time to time to come to the baby;
  • To project different light images on the ceiling;
  • Moreover, via microphone can be with the child to talk from the other room.

When choosing a baby monitor you should look at the following criteria …

  1. First look at manufacturers as it is necessary to choose the smart device only in well-proven manufacturers;
  2. Pay attention to the type of communication. Often digital and analog method of transmitting information. Also, you need to check the “range” signal. Typically, the instructions it is written that the signals are received at a distance of 50 to 400 meter but does not state that only an open space. A brick and concrete walls, tile in the apartment greatly reduce this distance. Approximately 50-100 m range for a good stable connection is enough to be defined with a choice of baby monitors;
  3. You do not need to save on the device, you can trust your child, albeit briefly;
  4. Especially strict attention should be paid appearance during operation. It must be sufficiently compact and without an acute antenna. It is not necessary to purchase a baby monitor in the form of toys because when the baby wake up will want to touch it;
  5. If your choice falls on the baby monitor, which has a two-way communication, then you should buy a digital model because the quality of the connection in such a device is better;
  6. Do not forget to check the certificate of the quality of the device.

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