Baby Sleep Positioner: What is it and how to choose?

One of the most popular accessories for babies is sleep positioner. Is it so necessary, or is it the machinations of manufacturers?

We cannot say that the baby sleep positioner recommended or not. But after more than a decade, doctors assert that a newborn baby in sleep better not to toss and turn. And our grandmothers and mom and even more so master rolls of blankets and pillows to put the baby on the flank.

According to most experts, the baby sleep positioner is really necessary and useful, because …

  • It reduces the likelihood that the baby will start to choke and srygnet;
  • Prevents deformation of the skull bones and flattening of the occiput;
  • According to some sources, it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome;
  • It allows crumbs to sleep in a comfortable for baby in physiological position;
  • Reduces the risk of colic and other digestive problems in the baby;
  • It does not give the baby to sleep on stomach turn over (but many experts say that sleeping on the tummy is safe for newborn);
  • It will not allow the baby to roll out of bed, even if baby does not have a side;
  • It makes it more safe co-sleeping (crumb does not fall under the side to the parent).

Moreover, baby sleep positioner greatly simplifies the life of mothers. As mothers do not need to constantly check correctly is the baby in the crib, if this accessory crumbs can safely be placed on changing tables, beds and sofas without ledges and other horizontal surfaces and it is necessary to do from time to time, when it is necessary to urgently release the hand.

If you are choosing a positioner for your baby, pay attention to the material from which it is made: the mattress and rolls must be hypoallergenic filler and cover – cotton and always removable so that it is easy to wash.

Types of sleep positioners

1. Baby sleep positioner with side fixing rollers

It is the most compact and cost-effective option. Replace rolls of blankets and diapers are usually convenient and mounted on the surface with the help of Velcro. And due to the small size, you can place the rolls not only in bed but in a stroller, crib, cradle, envelope. Suitable for babies from birth to six months.

2. Traditional baby sleep positioner

This platen interconnected cloth. This positioner is convenient to use in the adult bed: it will not let the crumbs fall off the edge. Also suitable for babies up to six months.

3. Baby sleep positioner with clasp

It consists of a mattress cover with a plate-like diaper. The baby can be fixed on the side or on the back; while arms and legs at the same time remain free. These positioners are suitable only for the cot, but they can be used for children under 3 years. This will be important tot, who sleep restlessly or must be in a certain position for medical reasons.

4. Baby sleep positioner mattress

This orthopedic mattress with cushions and pillows. It not only fixes the crumbs on the side or back but also ensures the correct position of the head and body, creating favorable conditions for the newborn. Suitable for babies up to 6 months.

5. Baby sleep positioner pillow

Particularly relevant for kids, who often vomit. Its slope is optimal for easier breathing and avoids the possibility of choking in sleep. This pillow is recommended for baby from birth to 6 months.

6. Baby sleep positioner ergonomic cot

It is not just the positioner and the whole mini-cot for crumbs, which it may be in the most physiological position. It will serve as a great addition to baby’s furniture or even a full replacement will be traveling cots.

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