My baby will only sleep in my arms; What should I do?

baby will only sleep in my arms

There are babies who need more contact with their parents and who need to be in arms more time throughout the day. But, what do I do if my baby will only sleep in my arms and he does not let me do other activities because he wakes up when I let him go? When a child creates this need for attachment can become a big problem for parents, who are unable to make a normal life with the child always in their arms.

This need is greater in the newborn, who has a greater demand for attachment with his parents as soon as he is born since in arms it is where he feels most secure. Without realizing it, parents are creating the bond, holding them in their arms as soon as they hear their cry until the baby only falls asleep when we catch him.

I want to emphasize that we, as indicated by many experts in pediatrics, do not agree with letting the baby cry in the crib until he falls asleep so as not to “accustom him” to his arms. But it is true that when the baby gets used to demanding arms at all times, it can become an inconvenience that we need to solve in some way.

If your baby only falls asleep on the move, if to sleep alone he does it in the arms of his parents and for you it is a problem that baby will only sleep in arms, I tell you what our tricks were and other good advice to teach the baby to sleep alone and not have to carry the child in their arms all day.

Why does my baby will only sleep in my arms?

baby will only sleep in my arms


Surely you’ve thought ‘my baby just wants to be with me’. It is very normal for babies from birth to want to be in their arms constantly. If you stop to think about it, until recently, your newborn baby was inside you, in a place where you felt protected.

After being born, for many children the environment that surrounds them can be too distressing, so the only place that consoles them is when we have the baby in their arms.

Each baby has a different personality. While some are super quiet since birth, without hardly crying at the time of going to sleep, we have to teach others to sleep without crying by standing all the time standing there cradling them.

This was my case when my baby will only sleep in my arms and many people who advised that he let the baby cry until he got used to sleeping alone in the crib. But I have always believed that it was an ineffective and rather cruel method, which did not do any good for his effective development. That’s why I always ended up taking my daughter to sleep her like any child in her arms.

They are babies who demand attention and affection and it is very important that parents are with them at that time. If your baby cries to ask you to take it, it is best to take care of it in its first months of life.

My baby cries a lot if I do not have him in my arms

But what happens if my baby cries if she is not constantly in her arms? And if my baby just want arms all day, and not just to fall asleep?

As my little one got older, she was still very attached to me and did not leave me all day. Both to be at home and on the street, I had the habit of taking arms so that he could take her all the time, without letting me even a quiet moment to do other things.

These hobbies of my girl had to be solved little by little to not have acted correctly at the beginning and can be complicated to eliminate. I asked an expert on how to distract a baby from the arms and put into practice many of the learned tricks that were quite effective.

How to remove a baby from the habit of being in arms

When my baby will only sleep in my arms for the day and at night before sleeping, there are some accessories that can help the parents to lead the day to day in a more comfortable way.

Use a baby carrier

It helped me a lot to use a baby carrier to be at home doing daily tasks with my daughter. Instead of having the baby in your mother’s arms, the position of the backpack for sleep is the best option so that your baby is always with you and you have your hands free to do other things.

If your child does not like to go for a ride in his light stroller because he starts to cry, these backpacks are also an excellent option to make him feel safe and relaxed, without being too uncomfortable when carrying him always in his arms.

Put it in a hammock

For those activities that you cannot always have your baby on, it is advisable to gradually get used to being in a hammock. These accessories are very useful to take your baby to any corner of the house and that can see you while you are cooking, cleaning or even working, without having to carry it in your arms.

Some hammocks and swings for babies have functions to distract the kids that are very useful, such as swinging or music to relax and even get them to sleep.

Do not attend the first calls

It is normal that at the beginning when you leave your baby in the hammock alone, begin to complain and cry to get your attention. Be patient and wait for a little before picking him up by the least cry.

I’m not telling you to wait until your little one ends up with a tremendous tantrum, but you can leave it a bit so that it gets used to the new situation. The children are very smart and they learn quickly that if they cry a little and Mom comes to catch them quickly, they can get everything without effort.

Offer them entertainment

Offer your child something with which he is entertained so that he does not cry at the first moment of change when he is not in your arms. A fun toy, a piece of bread, or you can even cheer on it with music and dancing in front of it while doing other activities.

Let them explore

As the kids get older, you have to let them explore at their ease. They need more space and it may be the ideal time to let them crawl around the house or build a small park where they are safe to move around and play with their favorite toys. If my baby just wants arms, he has to get used to other environments that motivate him more.

Little by little, the child learns that there are other things more interesting than being always in the arms of adults. It will help a child of arms to be the most independent and adventurous. Of course, dissociating the baby from the arms is progressive learning, and does not happen overnight.

How to accustom a child to sleep alone

These same tricks that we use when my baby will only sleep in my arms can also be carried out to accustom him to sleep alone. A child needs to get tired, he needs independence, and not just because he cries a little bit we have to go quickly to pick him up.

You must have patience when your little one gets used to of sleep without having to cradle it before going to bed. In this blog post, we already saw how to get the child to sleep alone in his room, with the advice we give to other parents according to our experience.

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