Basics For Choosing Baby Sleeping Bags

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Basics For Choosing Baby Sleeping Bags

If you want to learn how to recognize a good one amongst baby sleeping bags, then this guide would definitely interest you. Although it may seem as something not worth that much of a trouble and attention, crucial things depend on it. I going to mention a few of them now but we will discuss them in further length down as the article goes; safe sleep, temperature regulation, materials that don’t cause allergic reactions in children and much more.

Basics For Choosing Baby Sleeping Bags

Let us talk about the price of an average baby sleeping bag, because that is, after all, what people are interested in the most. Fortunately, to acquire the quality product of this type doesn’t require huge funds. A good bag is anywhere between 30 and 50 bucks. Maybe to some, this may sound a lot, but it isn’t considering the best manufacturers and how much excellence and care they put into their products. Then again, you can always go nuts and buy some swanky stuff in the region of $100. In that case, I hope it would be made from gold, for your wallet’s sake. OK, jokes aside, spending money is not such a big deal here, since $40 is not that much and can be afforded even with the thinnest budgets. After all, the baby should always have precedence when it comes to spending. Just wait and see how important is for baby sleeping bags to have certain features and you’ll be glad you read this and spent your money on it, believe me.

Best Choice of Them All – Baby Grobag

baby grobag

I know you are eager to find out what makes a good bag good, but let me first introduce you to the best product from this line in the entire World. Grobag UK, by far, offers kids sleeping bags that surpass any other available competitive option. The thing that separates baby Grobag from other companies is time and money invested in research. Not only that they want to make their apparel better and more appropriate for children, but also they constantly educate and raise awareness about safer sleep for babies. Baby Grobag sleeping bags are made from natural cotton, the most soothing material for babies.

Importance of Material – Fabric and Stuffing

The nursery is hard, demanding, and sometimes even exhausting. It takes a lot of work and commitment to preparing the baby safe environment. Since baby sleeping bags fall under this category, they should be chosen wisely; especially material which must be mild against the infant’s skin. Soft and delicate skin of the infant reacts to certain materials very strongly. Polyester, amongst other fabrics, is the main culprit behind those unexplainable red rashes and bumps that children are waking up with. To prevent such outbreaks always use a natural cotton baby sleep bag.

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The thickness of fabric and padding should depend on weather conditions and room temperature the child will be facing. Ensure more layers for the winter and less for summer. Some bags don’t come with traditional feather stuffing but instead, are made in different togs (levels of warmth). For example, baby Grobags are created in three tog variants – 2.5tog for cold conditions, 1.0tog for normal, and 0.5tog made with hot surroundings in mind.

Potential Problems and Benefits of Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bag and room temperature fluctuations

Apart from irritated skin and allergic reactions to some types of fabric, complications can be much worse. Since infants require mild temperature, any sudden fluctuations can present a potential problem, because of infant’s structure, frail as it is, is not capable of struggling effectively with outer conditions like adults is. Therefore you want to make sure the temperature in the room stays between 60.8°F and 75.2°F (16°C and 24°C). Use a digital thermometer to regularly do readouts and make changes if necessary (increase or decrease heating, ventilate). Grobag thermometer can serve as an excellent tool here. As an additional benefit, well designed, the quality baby sleeping bag can keep your child warm, even with the oscillating weather.


Traditional blankets and sheets possess a threat. Advanced studies have shown that some babies have trouble with part of the brain that controls breathing in the moment of waking up, for example, if their nose or mouth is covered with a blanket. Suffocation is not new and is one of the reasons for cot death with infants. With children sleeping bags you are sure your child will never get tangled up in a sheet but instead will be securely locked inside a sack until you come to release it. Remember – safer sleep is always a priority!

Last But Not Least – A Conclusion

Bear in mind that when your baby is happy you will be too. Choosing the most suitable amongst baby sleeping bags means your child will sleep with pleasure. And this inevitably translates into some sleeping time for you too. So be picky but don’t be cheap when shopping. 🙂 Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll find here something to your benefit.


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