Child Mythomania : How to detect child mythomania and treat it?

child mythomania

Have you noticed that your child is impulsively lying and you suspect that it may be child mythomania? Do not worry: here you will learn its possible causes and how to correct this disorder. If you do it from an early age, you may be able to avoid consequences in the future.

Here we write details about child mythomania

What is childhood mythomania?

child mythomaniaMythomania, also known as fantastic pseudology or pathological lying, is a behavior disorder where you lie in a compulsive way. A mythomaniac person consciously chooses to lie to express his reality; In most cases, he believes in the lies he says.

It is not a disease, but a psychological disorder. In the case of children, it is not so easy to diagnose it. They often invent stories or are fanciful, so the symptoms may not be detected immediately. Continue reading: 6 Tips to make your children eat vegetables

What are the characteristics of children with childhood mythomania?

Children with this type of disorder tend to magnify their reality. They lie about anything, invent stories and get upset when you do not believe their version. In general, your lie differs from person to person: your story changes depending on the listener.

These children tell unnecessary lies, not just to save themselves from certain situations. For example, if a child breaks a vase, he could say that he did not do it. On the other hand, one who suffers from child mythomania will lie without having broken the vase.

“The lying child lies to protect himself or to be saved from some circumstance. On the other hand, the mythomaniac lies compulsively and at times his lies are somewhat ridiculous or absurd “

Keep in mind that most children say a lie from time to time, this is normal. But if you choose a lie in response to each situation, then you may suffer from this type of disorder.

Which is the treatment?

Generally, children who begin to lie compulsively are going through a state of emotional fear or anxiety. They start lying in response to some situation and then this becomes a habit.

It is necessary to teach children to tell the truth.

child mythomaniaConsequently, the main thing is to discover the cause by which they lie in order to help them overcome it. If you discover that your child has this type of behavior, it is best to go to a professional. Also, here are some useful tips:

  • Take note of the times you lie: write the moment of the day, the apparent cause and the emotional state of the child. Any detail will help you decipher what is the cause of this behavior. These data will also guide the professional you have chosen to determine a pattern of behavior.
  • React calmly. Finding it out in a lie can be exasperating, but you should not confront it. Instead, show him your discontent and let him see that you dislike the fact that he lies.
  • Do not punish him when he repents and tell the truth: show him the joy of having decided not to lie. Reward the truth and give him the confidence that if he reverses the situation he will not receive a reprimand.
  • Help him to understand that the lie will not save him from any situation: all his actions have consequences and, sooner or later, he will have to assume them. Support him to take responsibility for his actions, without receiving a punishment for it.

Short-term and long-term consequences

Short term

The constant lies of a child are causing the family environment to become tense and permanently distrustful. It is necessary to avoid to put in doubt everything that it says because although it says the truth it will feel judged; so you will not see the difference between being sincere and being a liar.

Child mythomania can spoil the child’s social relationships in the future.

The social relationships of a child who lies in a compulsive way are truncated as their peers discover that he is lying. Start to feel excluded, lower your self-esteem and start lying more to cover this situation.

child mythomaniaLong-term

If the child mythomania is not corrected, the child will become an adult who lies without reason. It will take the lie as a way of life. Lying to win the sympathy of others and transform the facts into an exaggerated version of history.

The mythomaniacs come to believe each of their lies and have a hard time adapting to the real world. This is why most people do not feel comfortable with their work, their friendships or their family.

You can prevent this from reaching greater if you try to solve the reasons why your child could suffer from this disorder. Stay attentive to their behaviors and do not hesitate to get involved and help when necessary.

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