Ewan the amazing Dream sheep A Perfect baby sleeping buddy


Ewan the amazing Dream sheep – A Perfect baby sleeping buddy

Ewan the Dream sheep is in my view one of the greatest Baby gadgets of our time. I make this bold statement because he was an absolute savior for us and ended up going everywhere we went day or night.

I was initially quite skeptical to whether a small cuddly sheep could really work, but after the first few uses, we saw our daughter really fell in love with him and settled as soon as he started to make his magical soothing sounds.

But don’t just take our word for it as you’ll see that there are hundreds of fantastic reviews for Ewan from parents, grandparents, and friends who all rave about him as well as winning multiple awards.

Ewan is super cute and cuddly with two enormous happy eyes that our daughter would love to gaze at. His tail doubles as a velcro latch which is extremely versatile allowing you to attach him to pretty much any situation you need, from the side of a Moses basket, end of a crib or even the handle of a car seat or push chair.


The real magic comes when you power him on as he plays a selection of four different white noise sounds – A Harp – A hoover – A womb sound effect – and a very soothing rainfall. All of the theses are mixed with actual heartbeat recordings to provide the perfect combination of sounds that are familiar and near instantly soothing to your little one. Each of the sounds effects play for 20 minutes and as he runs on 3xAAA batteries I definitely recommend purchasing some rechargeables, as you’ll regularly be using him once you start.

The different sounds can actually work for different ages as well as different situations. Fo example we found that our daughter really responded well to the hoover sound as a Sleep Queue and she would nearly always settle within a few minutes of hearing this. The harp sound seemed to be good in noisy environments and if she was a little unsettled then this sound act as a calming effect, so you’ll be able to try all of these out and see which works best for you.

If your baby isn’t sleeping or a friend is struggling then I honestly recommend giving Ewan the Dream Sheep a try.


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