For a safe sleep of your child

safe sleep child

Infrequently sudden infant death may occur during the first year of a baby’s life. Fortunately, there is an effective precautionary measure to avoid it: the right environment for sleeping. Simple precautions help minimize the risk to your child. The suggestions that follow are scientifically proven and have become established in practice.

Sleep on your back

From the 1st day your baby should always sleep on his back both at night and during the day. This is the main precaution to ensure a safe sleep and reduce the risk of sudden death by 50%.

The worry that the child sleeping on his back can swallow the regurgitated food and remain suffocated is completely unfounded according to the experts and often represents an impediment to a correct position during sleep.

When your baby is awake and active, it is important instead that it is lying on the belly so that it can train the muscles of the back. Later, when you will be able to turn around on your stomach, then you can let him sleep in this position.

safe sleep child

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Sack instead of the blanket

A proper sleeping bag for babies prevents the baby from discovering or pulling the blanket over his head.

To choose the right size bag, follow the following rule: height of the childless head length plus 10-15 cm. The opening of the neck must not exceed the circumference of the head. There are already sleeping bags even for newborns.

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Protection against excessive heating

Children like to sleep fresh. Then turn on the heating only if the room temperature is below 18°C. Do not put the cot near the heating or exposure to the sun. Hands and feet can also be fresh: this does not mean that the baby is cold.

For bedtime, your baby will need only a diaper, a body, a sleeper and a sleeping bag. In summer, when it’s hot, even a few layers less. If the baby is sweating around the nape, it means that the surrounding environment is too hot. Do not put a cap to sleep on: the exposed head will allow him to better regulate his excess body temperature. Do not place bags of warm water and electric blankets in the cradle, let alone covered with sheepskin or similar.

Smoking is harmful

Smoking in the child’s environment increases the risk of illness and sudden infant death. Avoid smoking during pregnancy and the first year of life. Do not smoke in the environment where the child lives, especially in the room where he sleeps.

During the 1st year of life, you let the child sleep in your room in his crib. The noise of your breath has a positive effect on your baby’s breathing regulation.

Cradle accessories …

  • Robust breathable mattress
  • Without pillow
  • Without fur blankets, soft perimeter padding (nest) or plush

Breastfeeding is good for your health

Breastfed babies have a lower risk of sudden death. If possible, breastfeed your baby for 4-6 months. This strengthens your body and its immune system.

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