Get baby to sleep through the night

Get baby to sleep

Many mothers have the mother instinct to have their baby sleep with them in their bed. This is natural instinct, coming from times when children were fair game for night predators, but these are rare in normal urban environments. In some areas of the world it is still valid, but modern mothers should limit this to having the baby’s sleep in the same room at first.

This is allows you to stretch your baby overnight without too much breakage and your baby will find a much quicker sleep pattern knowing his mother is near by.

I do not advise parents to sleep with their children. It can work for some, but there have been tragic cases. Small children are too weak to fight if a parent rolls over them, and there have been cases of suffocation that occur this way.

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There is also a question of whether a child should sleep on his stomach or on his back. The normal advice given is that sudden childhood death syndrome (SIDS) is more prevalent with children being put on bed on their stomach than on their back. I’m not inferring here, but these are the facts. I would personally choose to put my baby on his back to sleep. After a few months it will be strong enough to roll and choose its most comfortable place to sleep.

Get baby to sleep

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A crib, a wheelchair or a Moses basket from your bed is a bed suitable for your baby in the early days. You will be less disturbed while feeding, and your child will feel safer. Kids know when their mothers are nearby. They can perceive you and smell like you. If you are breastfeeding you will be able to nourish your baby without leaving your bed: this will help to avoid being clumsy during the day. Good for your baby and good for your partner!

Once the baby is about three months old you can be put in a crib to sleep in his room. It should be reached gradually, with light on and with a feed and a cuddle before and you will have to return to your room several times a night for the first few weeks. Some kids handle this younger and some take a little longer, but will be reached more quickly if you take the above board. There is no way you just get your baby to sleep, but this council is based on what is known to be successful.

In the end your baby gets used to it and settles down, and even though a night light normally keeps them more comfortable, you have reached your goal of getting a baby to sleep through the night.

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