Know how to get rid of diaper rash for your baby’s soft skin

how to get rid of diaper rash

The diaper rash is a skin problem that affects a large number of babies. The constant rubbing of diapers in the ass, especially in this stage of life in which the skin is so delicate, often cause discomfort that can be aggravated if we do nothing to prevent it or do not know how to get rid of diaper rash.  In general, diaper rash does not usually require any specific pharmacological treatment to treat it. Home remedies have always been used to prevent diaper rashes in newborn babies that have been very effective. But when it comes to a diaper rash that does not improve or gets complicated, there are other actions that we should take, such as the use of antibiotic cream.

Today we will see what are the types of dermatitis that affect babies, why this skin irritation occurs and how to fight diaper rash. We will also see how to act against dermatitis in the baby once it has appeared, and what is the irritated skin cream recommended by experts in pediatrics.

If you are also going to be a mother soon, or if you already are and are worried about diaper rash in your baby, take note of all the details to be prepared.

What is diaper rash in babies?

It is known as ‘diaper rash’ to that redness that appears in the baby from birth caused by the use and rubbing of the diaper on his delicate skin.

It is a very common condition that usually appears in all babies at some point in their lives since the continued use of diapers causes friction on the skin, which is very delicate and suffers.

It usually appears as small red pimples or welts on the skin, especially in the belly, the thighs, the butt of the child and in the places where the diaper rubs and irritates the skin.

Why does diaper rash occur?


how to get rid of diaper rash

This irritation of the skin in babies appears when the area is too wet, due to the concentration of feces and urine. The rubbing of the constant diaper damages the skin that is more delicate and ends up producing an allergy in the skin due to annoying humidity.

It can also occur because of the introduction of new foods in the baby’s diet, which causes slight diarrhea. The exit of the teeth can sometimes cause a rash on the face of the baby, which extends to other delicate parts of the body such as your ass or genitals.

Causes of diaper rash

Dermatitis in babies does not always have to be caused by an allergy. There are cases in which irritation occurs due to infection, in which case the treatment will be different.

The main causes of diaper rash in babies are the following:


It consists of a reddening of the skin due to the constant rubbing of the diaper in the affected area. It gets worse when the baby has a wet ass for a long time, for example at night when the diaper is changed less frequently.


The skin of babies is much more sensitive than that of adults and the elderly and is more likely to suffer from allergy. The improper use of soaps, chemical products, plastic diapers and even clothing that is not hypoallergenic can cause an allergy to the diaper causing a skin rash.


The humidity conditions that occur inside the diaper can be conducive to the growth of diaper bacteria and fungi. This type of severe infections also affects the skin and specific treatment may be necessary to eliminate them.

Candida of the diaper is more common, caused by a fungus that is naturally in the skin of the baby. But we can also find irritation in the buttocks by bacteria, for which an antibiotic cream is used for dermatitis in babies.

Find out how to prevent this problem from appearing, and how to combat diaper rash so that the baby’s skin stays healthy at all times.

How to get rid of diaper rash?

I know that it is inevitable that parents are alarmed with anything that happens to our baby, but when it comes to a mild diaper rash, it is not necessary to run to the emergency doctor.

Unless the affected area is very large, there are wounds that can be infected, or even the child complains of pain and other more serious symptoms, we can fight it with a simple ointment for irritated skin. You can also apply calendula oil to the baby’s skin. Dermatitis is something so normal in babies, that dads already know what we can expect from it.

Many cases of dermatitis in babies can be easily avoided. Avoid that the ass stays wet for a long time, drying well before placing the next, apply a cream to avoid friction in delicate areas, do not put the diaper very tight, and above all choose quality marks so that your little one does not suffer from diaper allergy.

The secret to know how to get rid of diaper rash is to give the necessary protection to the baby’s skin, and thus avoid rubbing and irritation. It is also important to choose a diaper of quality and appropriate to the skin of the baby, in order to avoid friction is less aggressive.

Prevent and treat diaper rash

Let’s see some tricks that work for the prevention and treatment of diaper rash and that irritated baby skin does not become a problem:

Diaper rub cream

Since the birth of the baby, it is important to apply a hydrating cream on the child’s skin as well as talcum powder in the areas where the edges of the diaper rub against the skin. In this way, a protective layer is created to prevent rubbing from being harmful and irritation is less.

Quality Products

In addition to using diapers suitable for the skin, it is also necessary to use other quality products when making the baby diaper change.

For example, the moisturizer should be special for baby, talcum powder too, being neutral and preferably odorless and baby wipes for cleaning between diaper changes should be respectful with baby’s skin, changing brand if we see that they produce any type of irritation on the skin when they are used.

If even with the prevention, we are in need of knowing how to get rid of diaper rash in our baby, because we have not been able to avoid it, we must know how to act in each case.

When to go to the doctor?

When the child is irritated, he is restless and cries, because it hurts and bothers him so he will need the skin to hydrate more and more carefully than before. In this case, we should wash the baby with warm water and without rubbing, avoiding baby wipes and using only neutral soap.

If the dermatitis persists despite all these measures, it will be advisable to go to the pediatrician to make sure that the health of the baby is well and apply a possible treatment to cure the irritation.

Never apply an antibiotic or antifungal ointment unless the pediatrician recommends it. Follow the treatment as instructed by the doctor, to end the rash and infection as soon as possible.

Now that you know how to prevent and how to get rid of diaper rash in your baby, pay close attention to every detail, and keep your baby’s skin completely healthy at all times.

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