Gro-Anywhere Blind – Blackout Brilliance

Gro-Anywhere Blind – Blackout Brilliance

Gro-Anywhere Blind – Blackout Brilliance

To allow babies and toddlers to sleep well we need to ensure we have taken the necessary steps to create the right sleeping environment. Deep sleep and good sleep mean a well rested and happy child. A lot of parents overlook the effects that light has on sleep but the more light you can limit at sleep time, the better the sleep will be.

Looking into this a little more scientifically helps us understand exactly why we should take notice of light vs sleep. Melatonin is the hormone we all naturally produce that brings on sleep. Blue light, which is present in sunshine inhibits the production of Melatonin. So if we want to good sleep, we need to limit as much light as possible.

Gro-Anywhere Blind – Blackout BrillianceAlso please be aware that many TV’s, smartphones, tablets etc are back-lit with Blue light and should also be avoided near bedtime as well.

Creating this environment at home is quite easy if you set the room up correctly with blackout blinds. But this is a very different story when you’re staying with family, friends,  or away traveling or on holiday.

We’ve already written a review on the Snoozeshade which is fabulous for when you’re on the move throughout the day so definitely jump over and have a read of this here

The Gro-Anywhere Blind is literally designed to go wherever you go and is able to be set-up in a matter of seconds. The blind itself is non-porous and has a series of small suction cups distributed all around the outside edges for you to attach to windows up to a maximum size of 130cm x 200cm. It also comes with well placed Velcro pads along the edges which allows easy adjustments to pretty much fit any window smaller than the max dimension.

Like most products, there are some limitations you should be aware of when talking fitting and these are due to the suction attachments. so be aware it is not recommended to use this with very thin glass, any damaged glass with cracks or chips.

It comes in a very nifty travel bag meaning that it’s a cinch to quickly pack up and get on the go. So whether you’re regularly moving around or you just need a quick and easy blackout solution then we definitely recommend the Gro-Anywhere blind.


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