Grobag Thermometer For Baby’s Room

Grobag Thermometer For Baby’s Room

Grobag Thermometer For Baby’s Room

Grobag thermometer can be an excellent addition to your baby’s room. Beside its fancy style, there are many benefits of owning one of these. Babies are very demanding and they require certain conditions, we all know that. Some of them include a specific temperature of the room, clean and fresh air without any dust, comfortable blankets and quality baby sleeping bags.

Being that babies and small children are extremely sensitive to outer conditions, room temperature is one of the most important things to make sure it is just right in their environment. A lot of medical experts agree on some average value to be around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius or 64.4 to 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problems with Unsuitable Temperature

Baby Grobag Thermometer Yellow Color

You probably have already heard about cot death, also known as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which is the most often cause of death in babies who are more than one month old. It is not a single illness or disease but rather a diagnosis, given when an apparently healthy baby dies without any warning. Since doctors don’t know the reason there is a lot of speculation and research done at the moment. But still, there is a pinpointing in certain directions which are considered to be significant factors underneath this occurrence. One of those factors is too low or too high temperature of the environment. Neither of these will suit your baby, on the contrary, they can make things worse.

Grobag Thermometer as a Solution

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In order to stabilize and maintain temperature on a level that is suitable for a baby, you can use a Grobag thermometer also known as the Grobag egg. There are more than few useful benefits that you get with it.

It changes color so it gives you instant feedback just by looking at a glance whether the temperature of a room is good for your child. This helps you maintain a safe baby sleeping environment. There are a few predetermined color schemes that correspond to certain temperatures. These cannot be changed. However, rest assured that medical experts made this very accurate so you don’t have to worry about it.

Grobag Thermometer For Baby’s Room

Blue (under 16°C or under 60.8°F) states that it is too cold.

Yellow (16°C to 20°C or 60.8°F to 68°F) is a just right and recommended.

Orange (20°C to 24°C or 68°F to 75.2°F) means that it is warm, but still OK.

Red (over 24°C or over 75.2°F) means that it is too warm.

Baby Grobag Egg Thermometer Colors

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Note: There are two versions of Grobag thermometer, for both US and European market. First, is showing Fahrenheit degrees and the second one Celsius degrees.

Checking the environment in this way is very reassuring and so much more precise than relying on your own judgment, especially if you have an old house where the fluctuation of temp is constant. After some changes occurred in the temperature you can additionally cool or heat the room, change the baby’s clothes, use one of the baby Grobag sleeping bags for kids or adjust the level of bedding layers in the crib.

Additional Benefits of the Baby Grobag Thermometer

It can even serve as a gentle night light, which will not upset the baby during the night and can help you find your way in the room while it is dark. Since it is very practical and has an interesting egg shape it can also serve as a nice and a unique gift.

Digital Grobag thermometer has a permanent “back-lit” LCD readout. This makes reading much less difficult, especially in the dark than trying to read a little LCD screen on a normal therm. Dimensions of the egg are 2.8 inches x 2.8 inches x 4 inches (71 mm x 71 mm x 101 mm) and it weighs 8 only ounces (0.255 kg).

Note: It does not run on batteries, which means that you are going to have to plug it in.


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