Home remedies for fever and cold

Home remedies for fever and cold

Having a fever and cold is one of the most uncomfortable syndromes that we suffer relatively regularly. The main symptom of the fever is the high temperature, being able to suffer others like the loss of appetite, greater respiratory frequency, and headache. By being easy to identify hyperthermia, we quickly realize that we have a fever and can act before the symptoms continue to develop unnecessarily. It is better to treat by home remedies for fever and cold if you care about health issues.

We must remember that fever is a defensive response of our body to infectious agents. Children not having a fully developed immune system tend to show fever frequently, so if we have children at home it is better to get used to this syndrome knowing how to deal with it as soon as possible and reduce the child’s fever quickly. The sooner we act to fever symptoms, the sooner we can avoid above all that go to greater.

Some of the effective home remedies for fever and cold

The fruit your best ally

This remedy is by far one of the healthiest at a general level that we can take. Take fruit consistently, both in the feverish periods and those in good condition. You do not have to force yourself to eat it, with which you opt for simple pieces of fruit such as apples or oranges is enough. If it really is uncomfortable, you can always choose to prepare juices and smoothies with them.

Home remedies for fever and cold


Water in abundance

When the temperature of our body is abnormally high we run the risk of becoming dehydrated, especially if accompanied by sweating. We should try to drink water throughout the day, it is advisable to take several distances that a few abundant to try to meet a certain amount. If it is cold we will know better when compensating the body heat and although there is no mandatory estimate on the amount to drink it is advisable to try to reach 2 liters per day. We can also supplement it with light juices if it costs us too much to drink water.

Bathing in warm water

A trick of all life is taken to the extreme in cases of more serious fever, give us a bath or a shower with warm water will make us feel much better. It is better to avoid excessively cold water as our body will react warming more inside, although if we feel really bad we can gradually go from the cold to the warm water until we feel more relaxed.

Home remedies for fever and cold

Apply wet clothes on your forehead

Very common with children, the classic wet rag remains effective in the most intense moments of fever. We will simply wet it in cold water and apply it on the face, reducing the temperature and the headache that goes with it. If we have the opportunity it is good to change it when we notice that it has the same temperature as our body.  It is being the best remedies for fever if it is difficult for us to get to sleep.

Basil infusions

As a medicinal plant, basil has been used as home remedies for fever and cold. It has multiple benefits acts on fever and cold very effectively. Thanks to its sedative and anti-inflammatory effects. With two infusions a day will be enough for us to notice improvement, being especially advisable if the state in which we find ourselves generates anxiety. If we are going to use it with the children, we can pour some sugar to make it easier for them to drink it.

The classic chamomile

Although it is not such a concrete remedy against fever, chamomile will reduce inflammation and settle our stomach. Fantastic when we want to eat something and our appetite for fever is not opened, it will help us to relax and reduce a headache. It is simple to make and does not need additives to be consumed.

Home remedies for fever and cold

Cinnamon and honey, a winning combination

Classic remedy that is still widely used as home remedies for fever and cold.  Today we also should thank to its intense flavor. In hot water we will add a spoonful of cinnamon powder, letting rest a few minutes after which we will mix a spoonful of honey. We can play with the amounts so that we know better, giving us energy and relaxing at the same time.

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