Hot Summer: Five tips to protect children

protect children in summer

For days our country is in the grip of the heat, with temperatures above 40 degrees perceived.

How to protect children from this heat wave that is hitting?

protect children in summer

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1. Avoid the hottest hours

From 11 to 16 should not expose children to extreme heat, but protect them in comfortable and cool environment. It is not advisable to bring children on the beach in these times, it is strongly discouraged. It would be more appropriate to travel or visit another natural place in the cooler times.

2. Drink plenty of water

To avoid dehydration is essential Integrating fluids lost because of excessive temperatures and this is particularly true for children. In these periods of excessive heat, drinking a quantity of water higher than the daily life it is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Even consuming certain foods like fruits and vegetables can help replenish lost minerals. For newborns is enough breast milk.

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3. Dark and light clothing

It is advisable to wear cool clothes that facilitate transpiration, for example, cotton can be ideal. Even the colors are significant: white and clear ones do not absorb sunlight and are certainly more suitable than dark.

protect children in summer

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4. Sunscreen

It is necessary to protect the skin of children from UV rays through the creams suitable to their age. Read the INCI and consult your pediatrician to find out which product is best suited for their delicate skin.

5. Refresh environments moderation

It is imperative not to overdo it with the air conditioning: temperature changes might affect the baby. Favor, therefore, fans of the environment and remember to never direct the air jet directly on the child. This applies to areas of the home, both for the car.

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