How to put a newborn baby to sleep

newborn baby to sleep

All babies have different sleep patterns. Some infants sleep easily and often. Others have difficulty settling and not sleeping well. If you have a baby who sleeps well or one that has difficulties, many of the techniques for the liquidation of a newborn and help you sleep they are similar. Consistency is the key to helping your newborn children get the sleep he needs.


1) Watch your baby carefully for signs that he needs to sleep. Most infants will not stay awake for longer than 90 minutes to two hours at a stretch. When you begin to see signs that the baby is tired, get ready to put it to sleep. Signs of fatigue include rub your eyes, refusing eye contact, yawning, fidgeting and erratic arm and leg movements.

2) Change the baby’s diaper and make sure her clothing is dry and comfortable.

3) Wrap the baby, if desired. Some infants sleep better and are more comfortable if they are swaddled to sleep. Bands are comfortably wrapping a baby in a receiving blanket (or special swaddling blanket) before putting it to bed to sleep. To swaddle a baby, lay a large receiving blanket on a surface (an adult bed works well).

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Slightly bend down a corner of the blanket. Position the baby so that his head is at the folded corner. Keep your baby’s arms and take one of the side and wrap it tightly over the corners and around the child, tucking in under the other side of him. Displayed on the bottom to put in the child’s feet. Pull the remaining area above and around the baby and put it under him.

newborn baby to sleep4) Place the baby in his cot or crib while she is still awake, but drowsy. If your baby likes a pacifier, put the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing infants on their backs to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS.

5) Turn it into a white noise machine. Many babies sleep better with some white noise. Many of alarm clocks have a white noise function. You could also buy a white noise machine. Even a box fan could be used as a source of white noise.

6) Ensure that the temperature in the child’s bedroom is between 18.3° and 21.1° C.

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