How to stop coughing at night for children

How to stop coughing at night

Many children who have colds spend all day with mild discomfort until it is time to go to bed. After that, they begin that dreaded dry cough at bedtime that does not let you sleep. The nocturnal cough is very common in most colds and flu. It does not stop being the most annoying for those who suffer from it and those who are around them. In this article, we will learn how to stop coughing at night for children.

Coughing at night does not let you sleep or rest and in the end, it ends up hurting your chest so much. The cough in children leaves you exhausted the next morning when you should have enjoyed a good night’s sleep to recover as soon as possible from the illness. Does this happen to your baby? Are you suffering from nocturnal cough and you do not know what to do? Let’s see how to stop coughing at night for children in the simplest and most natural way.

Because we have all suffered some nocturnal coughing attack at some point in our childhood, there are many home remedies for the nocturnal dry cough that our grandmothers have always used and that are still effective. Find out why this dry cough occurs at night in children and how to stop coughing at night so they can rest well and be much better in the morning.

How to stop coughing at night

Why does night cough occur?

The nocturnal cough is a symptom that is activated as a mechanism when the organism suffers an infection or notices the presence of some strange agent such as bacteria, viruses or allergens. It is usually more frequent at night, since it is the time of day when the child’s muscles relax when going to bed, and the airways dry more, causing a cough that does not get very dry.

Nighttime cough in children can be caused by many different reasons. These are the most frequent in babies and children over 2 years old:


Nighttime cough is the most common symptoms in children aged 3 to 4 years and older who suffer from asthma. At nightfall, the airways are usually more inflamed, preventing the child from breathing properly and causing coughing spells at night.


Caused by a viral or bacterial infection, sinusitis also causes a terrible sore throat, untying cough mechanism so that the child can breathe easier. Due to these infections, the child suffers attacks of dry cough, more frequent at the end of the day.

Viral infections

Viral infections also cause barking cough in children with a cough at night which persists and can hardly be controlled without help from a home remedy to relieve cough. They are infections caused by viruses that attack the respiratory tract, such as influenza or the common cold, which irritate the throat and cause coughing coming from the chest.


Persistent cough in children is also very common at night when the child has an allergy. A clear example is the allergies to dust or pollen of some flowers and plants, which irritate the throat and do not let you breathe well.

If during the day the child notices other types of symptoms, it is at night when they feel a strong cough when lying down and not being able to breathe well because they have obstructed airways, and the horizontal position in the bed closes them even more.

How to stop coughing at night

Symptoms of nocturnal cough in children

According to the definition of cough, it is the sudden and violent expulsion of air from the lungs when the respiratory tract is irritated, in order to keep the air in the lungs clean when the body detects foreign substances. The air leaves quickly, causing irritation in the throat, pain, and other characteristic symptoms.

The nocturnal cough is already a symptom in itself of a disease that can be an infection, allergy or asthma. It occurs at night, when the person who suffers it is more relaxed and his body reacts to keep the tracks clean. when the throat is so irritated that it cannot breathe properly. It is often accompanied by other symptoms very common in children, and also in adults:

  • Cough with choking, which does not allow breathing well
  • Irritation in the throat and itching
  • Sore throat
  • Cough at bedtime that gets worse when you get the horizontal position in bed
  • Expulsion of phlegm in case of bacterial infection
  • Impossibility to sleep or rest correctly

The nocturnal dry cough can be very annoying for children who are sick and need to rest to recover, but this annoying symptom does not let them sleep, keeping them all night in suspense without stopping coughing. It is necessary to resort to the best methods of our grandmothers, ideals to treat attacks of very strong cough and that also teach us how to stop coughing at night for children.

How to stop coughing at night

How to stop coughing at night for children?

Today we will focus on the nocturnal cough remedies that are effective for those times when children start coughing and cannot rest properly.

If your baby has a throat infection and coughs all day long, try the other natural cough remedies that we offer. But if coughing occurs mostly at night, these are the best home remedies for night cough:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Cough humidifier
  • Tablespoon of honey
  • Sucking candies
  • The essence of thyme on the pillow

Drink a lot of water

When the throat is dry and irritated, the water helps to expel the secretions that the child has and that are causing this constant cough. Leave a glass or bottle of water on the nightstand on hand so you can take a sip every time you notice that a coughing attack will start again.

Cough humidifier

Especially in winter, due to the use of heaters, the home environment is usually very dry. This type of environment also irritates the throat and creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of viruses and bacteria that accumulate in the child’s throat.

Use a humidifier to maintain the correct humidity in the child’s room and it will prevent uncontrolled night cough.

How to stop coughing at night

Tablespoon of honey

It is our daughter’s favorite remedy, and she begins to suspect that she often pretends the occasional coughing attack so we can give her a teaspoon of honey. And that the honey, besides being very rich, is very good to lubricate the throat when it is dry.

If your little one is sick, give him a spoonful of honey before going to sleep and he will not have a cough all night. Of course, keep in mind that children under 2 years should not take honey, as they could get infected with Clostrium botulinum infection.

Sucking candies

If your child is not very fond of honey, which I suspect there will be some who does not like it, sucking a caramel when you cough during the night can also help. When sucking the production of saliva increases, which is capable of lubricating the throat much better than water.

The essence of thyme on the pillow

The last of the remedies to alleviate the cough at night that I propose is to put a couple of drops of essence of thyme, rosemary or eucalyptus on the pillow. These 3 plants are expectorants, and help to open the airways in case of flu, allergy or asthma. The child will breathe better and feel relieved without coughing until morning.

All these night cough remedies are very natural and carried out with home remedies. Now that you know how to stop coughing at night for children and how to respond to nocturnal cough in children, do not let your kids spend the whole night without rest because of this annoying symptom.

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