How to introduce healthy foods for children

healthy foods for children

Follow a healthy and balanced diet that includes fresh foods and rich in essential nutrients to maintain a good state of health. Reluctant to the unattractive or familiar flavors, fruits and vegetables are often their “big enemies”. In fact, there are children who can refuse almost any food group. However, following a series of recommendations that we will give you below, you can introduce healthy foods for children more easily. And you can do it without involving any trauma for the little ones.

How to introduce healthy foods for children:

Let them participate in the kitchen

Letting children participate in the preparation of a dish following a simple recipe, is the best way to get them to feel attracted to the possibility of testing it to verify the result.

The simple fact of seeing raw foods, checking the different possibilities in which they can be cooked and combined with other foods, manipulating them, and even smelling them is a way of making them feel integrated with the world of cooking. In addition to making the purchase with the children, it is a good strategy to introduce healthy foods for children. They will able to check the wide variety of foods of all kinds with which they can experiment.

Celebrating the dishes prepared by the children will help them to continue innovating and introducing new foods that will make their diet much healthier and more varied.

healthy foods for children

Prevent them from eating between meals

One of the keys to making children try new foods is to avoid that they eat between meals. This will make them arrive sated at the time of the main meal. And therefore they will be much more reluctant to try healthy foods for children.

In the event that the child is hungry between meals, it is preferable to offer a healthy snack away from industrial pastries, chips or sweets. It is preferable that you eat a piece of fruit, cereal bars or carrot sticks because it will take away your hunger at the time and also provide them with very healthy nutrients.

Make each dish a fun presentation

It is said that many times food “enters through the eyes” and in the case of children this statement cannot lead to better results. Maybe a plate of vegetables is not very striking, but if we manage to transform it into a funny face, your favorite animal or a character that you like, surely the dish will be much more attractive.

Playing with the colors of the food, its shape and its combination to create a colorful and cheerful dish will cause the children to dare to try it and make lunchtime a much more fun moment.

healthy foods for children

Introduce healthy foods for children in their favorite dishes

One of the problems that most children experience when eating, is that they get used to a limited number of dishes that usually correspond to pizza or hamburger among others. Dishes those are characterized by intense and pleasant flavors but not as healthy as you would expect.

The best way to introduce other types of food is to transform your favorite dishes into the same dish. You can do this with other types of condiments, accompaniments and flavors. A pizza will not stop being if we include in it vegetables like spinach or tomato and a hamburger in which we introduce more vegetables will be an excellent, healthier and balanced dish that will serve for children to continue eating their favorite food with new ingredients.

Prevents you from feeling observed

It is a very frequent error on the part of parents or elders who sit at the table with the child, maintaining an attitude of permanent attention and observation towards the way they eat, or the time they spend doing it. This will only make the child’s rejection of the new food worse or of those foods for which he or she is more reluctant because he or she will feel pressured.

The best way to act is to show a natural and relaxed attitude at the table, facilitating a pleasant conversation without focusing on the child. In this way, it is easier for you to taste the food since you will experience a feeling of relaxation and tranquility when you feel integrated into the group.

healthy foods for children

Offer new foods in small quantities

Since children are very small, it is essential to create a good meal habit by offering new healthy foods for children little by little and in small quantities. You have to do it without forcing the child and without creating a traumatic situation towards food. The normal thing is that from the beginning the child shows symptoms of rejection towards the unknown reason why it is fundamental to let a time of adaptation pass so that the new foods become habitual.

Accompanying a dish that is your preference with a small amount of new foods will gradually promote your curiosity to try it and its subsequent acceptance.

healthy foods for children

Become an example for them

It is a firmly established belief that children learn from very young by imitation and it is better for adults to become their mirror to begin to acquire good eating habits from the beginning.

It is convenient that adults who live with children maintain a healthy lifestyle and give children the example of following a healthy, healthy and balanced diet at each meal. In this way, they will learn to feed themselves in a varied way in the company of the elderly.

Following a good diet since childhood is the best way to gradually create a healthy habit that in combination with the practice of daily exercise will strengthen the health and vitality of children. This way you can able to introduce healthy foods for children.

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