Where and how to make the newborn sleep during the first months?

newborn sleep

Where to make the newborn sleep in the first months? The choice between crib, cot or wheelchair and the position for sleeping are important for the quality of rest and for the prevention of suffocation.

When preparing the outfit for a child to be born it is very important to choose carefully where the newborn sleeps the first months. The choice between cradle or crib for the newborn, suitable mattress, as well as the position during the sleeping are relevant for the quality of rest and for the prevention of suffocation.

Furnishing the bedroom usually, the choice is between cradle or bed for the newborn, but for the first months you can also consider the shuttle or the wheelchair. The newborn child needs a cozy environment in which they feels protected like a mother’s tummy. They are well on their arm because, in addition to human contact, they feels content. Wrap them in the cover as you used to do it is a method of reassuring the child. For this reason, a couch that is too wide in which it cannot reach the contact with the banks could make it feel uncomfortable so as not to be able to sleep and ask for crying to be picked up. The cot will be good from six months onwards and initially it will have to be used with a reducer.

newborn sleep

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Make the baby sleep in the wheelchair it is an alternative often dictated by practicality. The child falls asleep several times during the day, even outside the home, which is why the wheelchair should be carefully prepared by choosing a specific thin and hard anti-suffocation mat. The pillow is not necessary in the first few months of life; possibly you can buy a very low one with the intention of replacing it often for washing.

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The pediatric indications to prevent death in the cradle have produced a series of very clear advice on the quality of the environment in which the child has to sleep to prevent suffocation. Of the so-called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Syndrome of Death in the cradle, not much is known, but the most considered hypothesis is caused by a condition of asphyxia.

The newborn should not sleep in the bed with the parents, not to be badly hit during sleep or the risk of being too hot. The temperature is an important element: it is good to choose sheets and cover in natural fibers, often checking that the child is not sweating, especially during sleep. Sheets with elastic corners are preferred, that remain attached to the mattress without the risk of kinking on the child’s body. Avoid decorations that may come off or become dangerous when wrapped around the child: beads, ribbons, laces, ruffles or quilts like those of angora wool. In the place where the newborn sleeps the first months nothing absolutely unnecessary should be inserted: toys, stuffed animals, necklaces, rattles could become a dangerous obstacle to breathing.

Do not forget that the best sleeping position for the newborn is belly up that allows you to have the airways free. Sleeping the baby on the side is not good, because if they were to move and find themselves on their stomach they would risk having a blocked nose and mouth.

In addition to where and how a newborn sleeps, it is important to ask also what quality the crib or the bed is. The manufacturers of articles for children have adapted their catalog to the safety requirements, but it is advisable to know them in case you decide to use a cradle or a crib for the newborn that are lent or belong to the family outfit for generations. The distance between the bars must be between 6 and 7.5 cm. The side must not exceed 60 cm when it is raised and must not fall below 20 cm when it is lowered. The bumper must respect the same safety indications indicated for the wheelchair: be well secured to prevent it from falling on the child and not have dangerous parts that can be detached or twisted around the neck.

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