Newborn Baby Sleep: The positions of the bed

Newborn Baby Sleep

What is the right position to make younger children sleep? What are the necessary precautions for a safe sleep? Here are the indications of the Ministry of Health, mainly aimed at averting the risk of SIDS, the syndrome of death in the cradle that can affect newborns in the first months of life …

Belly up: It is now widely proven that this is the best and safest position to let the baby sleep, which allows the child to breathe optimally reduces the SIDS risk by 50%: if even regurgitation, there is no risk of suffocation because the child alone will turn their head to the right or left.

Better in their crib: Especially in the first weeks of life, it is preferable that the child does not sleep in the Latvian, precisely because of the danger of suffocating him during sleep. The ideal is to make him sleep immediately in the crib or in the crib, but in the room with mum and dad.

Newborn Baby Sleep

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Tailored for them: The cradle must be the right size for the baby: a too large bed could slide it towards the bottom under the covers, with risk of suffocation. If the couch is longer, then, place the baby (and blankets) lower, so that their feet touch the bottom of the bed and cannot put their head under the covers.

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Pillows and mattresses: The pillow in the first months is not necessary, if you want to use it must be of minimum thickness and anti-suffocation; as for the mattress, it should not be too soft and there should not be any empty space between the mattress and the sides of the bed.

No on the sofa: Avoid letting the child sleep on the sofa (also due to the danger of falls), padded cushions and quilts and move away stuffed toys and toys, which could prevent him from breathing properly.

Warm but not too much: The temperature of the room where the baby is sleeping should not exceed 20 degrees. For the same reason, do not over-cover your baby with heavy clothes or blankets (not even when you have a fever!) and you will often ventilate your room.

OK to the pacifier: It has been shown that using a pacifier during sleep can reduce the risk of SIDS. To avoid interference with good breastfeeding, it is advisable to introduce it only after the first month of life.

Ban on smoking: You must not smoke in any environment where the child sleeps (or even where he stays).

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