Seven ways to calm your baby’s crying

calm your baby's crying

Crying is the first way our children have to communicate with us. When they are tiny, it is the only way they express their emotions, feelings and needs.

For us as mothers and fathers it can be painful and worrying to see them cry and we want to alleviate their discomfort as soon as possible. That’s why today I share seven ways to calm your baby’s crying.

Why do babies cry?

There are several reasons why a baby may cry. For example, one of the most frequent and occurring from the first days of life, is hunger. Another reason would be something that bothers you, such as gas after taking a bottle or having your diaper wet or dirty. They also cry when they feel tired or when they feel pain.

How should we proceed?

As I told you at the beginning, for us it is worrying that our children cry and we want to do everything in our power to calm them down. So to be able to do something that helps to calm your crying we must take into account two important steps:

  1. First, relax! Babies are very sensitive and perceive very strongly the mood of the parents, especially the mother. So the first step is to relax to keep calm. As mothers and fathers it hurts us to see our children suffer, but we must try to maintain peace and thus be able to transmit our calm and security to our children. And [if you feel like losing your nerves, it’s best to let him cry alone] (The shaken baby syndrome: why when you lose your nerves it’s better for the baby to cry alone) until you feel less tense or stressed.
  2. Check and look for the possible cause of your crying! How much was the last time you ate? How is your diaper? Is there a garment or object nearby that bothers you? It is cold? Is it hot? How many hours do you have awake? Did you get gas after drinking milk? These are some of the questions we can ask ourselves to review and see if the cause of the crying is one of them.

Once we have sentimentalize to keep calm and have verified that everything is calm, then we proceed to try some of these ways to calm your crying.

calm your baby's crying

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Hug him

Human warmth can do wonders for the emotional well-being of people. Just as you feel peace when someone hugs you to comfort you when you go through a bad time, so do babies. Maybe you feel alone and feeling that there is someone with him gives you the peace you need.

Measure it gently

Taking him in his arms and rocking him is one of the most infallible techniques to calm and sleep a baby. The rhythmic oscillation with which we usually do when walking or dancing helps them relax slowly.

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Arrust it

Sometimes your baby has already eaten, has a clean diaper and everything seems to be under control. However, it is time for his nap and he has a hard time falling asleep. In this situation all you need is a little support, company and that you sing a sweet lullaby to be able to fall asleep.

Sing to him

The voice of mom and dad are your baby’s favorite sounds. Unlike a lullaby, with the song we can interpret a happy or relaxing song that will help you to relax and relax. In addition, it is proven that when we start singing to a baby we can better capture their attention and it has great benefits for him.

calm your baby's crying

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The smell of mom

Sometimes mom will not be around and it will be dad who is with the baby. Recently we saw a sample of this, when a father put next to his baby a used t-shirt of the mother and this immediately calmed down.

Give him something to suck

In addition to helping them feed, the sucking reflex helps them calm down and calm down. If you breastfeed, you can offer it to him to calm down. If you do not breastfeed you can resort to the pacifier, just remember to use it in a controlled manner so that it does not become a habit and continue to be effective in calming you down.

Uses distraction techniques

If your baby is a little older, you can try to distract him with some object or by calling his attention to something else. A tactic that is usually effective is to put quiet music to help you relax.

Always remember that a baby is not capable of manipulating his parents through crying and that a baby should never be ignored or neglected when he cries.

What do you do to calm the crying of your baby?

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