Sleeping babies, the best places to sleep

Sleeping babies

Over time, the sleep of infants and, in particular, the positions just to sleep, has been said and written about everything. Until some ten years ago, for example, the matter seemed settled : the children have to stay in the belly in down, so if you regurgitate no problem. It was a certainty of so many of our moms that they made us sleep. Then, after going through a phase a bit more permissive (“it’s OK to sleep side”), the truth is that there is only one position really correct for the sleep of infants: a belly up.

This recommendation is born of a kind of whim of doctors and neonatologists, but it has a fundamental significance scientific: the position supine for sleep of newborns is the only that it protects truly from that phenomenon which frightens us, or the “death cradle”. In fact, it has been proven that when you adopt a carpet this important precaution, the cases of SIDS in Italy have drastically reduced.

“Cradle death” seems to be somewhat related to the mechanisms of breathing during infants sleep. The position of the belly in down would not wake up easily children in case of problems breathing such as apnea, which is the case when they are in the belly in on.

Sleeping babies

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On this subject, dear moms, we need to be quite rigid, because it goes to the health of our puppies. It is therefore important to accustom the children since immediately already to fall asleep to belly in on, even if it can often be a bit difficult.

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Taken from tiredness it may be easy to let your baby fall asleep, as it seems (side by side, under the belly, “spread” on your chest, in your arms. If you really cannot put him to sleep on his back, try to move it just collapse (if not collapsed before you!). For example, if he sleeps in position side during the night you could easily end up in the belly on down, unable to turn around.

“But if you regurgitate? A belly in on not risk more?” You will definitely be wondering. From the scientific studies on infants ‘ sleep, it emerged that the greatest danger is in the locus. The regurgitation fact can “leak” more easily in the trachea if the child is in the belly in down, because of the force of gravity. In the supine position instead of the regurgitation, it goes harder to the respiratory tract and coughing will allow the kid to eject more easily the contents of the stomach.

And if the little “naughty” is turning during the night? Generally, a tiny newborn does not move so much to be able to completely change position. From 3-4 months may in fact happen. To ensure that it stays in the belly in on, you can put around the child of towels rolled up, so it does not have enough space to make sensational “somersaults” in bed.

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