Sleeping Newborn Baby

The dream is an important part of any person. Especially important is sleep for a newborn baby, whom just born and accustomed to the new world. While this knowledge comes in small snatches, and the rest of the baby usually sleeps.

It is believed that newborn babies are sleeping almost all the time. This is true for most children but the sleeping newborn is typically 15-18 hours, but some children sleep even for 23 hours. Such a rough indicator, some children can sleep 10 hours, and this may be the norm. Everyone has different physiological characteristics and different biological rhythms. In any case, if parents are concerned newborn sleep, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.

The sleeping rhythm are not installed in newborn baby. The baby usually do not distinguish between morning and afternoon for 2 months, and finally, this ability is formed only after 4 months.

Baby should sleep soundly and safely, and parents need to provide them with all conditions for this.

To newborn baby sleep soundly, it is necessary to accustom the baby to the regime. We must start with feeding, it is better to feed on the clock than on demand. The babies quickly become accustomed to a certain mode, and then it is easier to get used to dividing the day and night.

It is not necessary for a long time to rock the baby to sleep. Contemporary bed rocking convenient for a quick sleep for baby, but baby will get used to the swing and will not be able to sleep without it.

Before going to bed it is necessary to ventilate the room – fresh air is always a beneficial effect on sleep. The best option is to buy a purifier and humidifier to the baby is always comfortable.

Baby use to sleep tight at any age on a walk. While walking the baby wakes up the appetite, and after feeding it immediately fall asleep soundly. It is useful to sleep baby in the open air and not necessarily go out, you can put the stroller on the balcony, wearing a suitable cloth.

An important component of a strong and healthy sleep is a baby cot. It should be comfortable and safe with the right mattress. If the room temperature is not stable by day, you need a few blankets. The child must neither freeze nor sweat. Mattress like bed sheets must be made of natural fabrics.

During sleep, the newborn in the room should be no loud noises. This does not mean that everyone must leave the room. Especially such an option is not comfortable in a studio apartment. It is perfectly possible to watch TV while the baby is sleeping, but it is necessary not to maximize the sound abated.

During the sleep of a child should not be exposed to bright light. If your baby sleeps during the day, it is best to cover up the curtains or not to put the crib to the window. When it comes to night sleep, then you need to turn off the overhead light, leaving a night light or other device with a soft dim light.

The newborn baby is frightened of their legs and arms, so the baby to sleep is necessary to swaddle. Before going to bed arrange air bath – it’s good for the skin and has beneficial effects on sleep.

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