Sleeping positions for a newborn baby

One of the most common concerns of first-time mothers is that, what is the correct way to sleep their little ones during the first weeks of life. Keep reading and we will help you to overcome all your doubts. 

The first thing we must clarify is that there is no perfect and unobjectionable way to put our suckers to sleep.

Remember that each child is different and you have to take into account some factors like the weather, if it is cold or hot; if the child suffers from gastric reflux, if he is healthy or has any discomfort; if the space in which he sleeps is the bed of his parents or it is a cradle or a basket.

Specialists belonging to the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics argue that during the first six months of life, it is best to put the baby on his back.

They even claim that this position called supine position is safer than placing it face down or sideways.

Your pediatrician will help you to decide, what is the best way to bed your baby. However, the conditions surrounding the bedtime of a newborn are varied.

Regarding this the pediatrician will ask you some questions to help you to decide, what is the most convenient way to ensure that your baby has sweet dreams.

Faced with frequent doubts, we decided to include the most common alternatives so that moms can decide together with doctors what is best for their children.

Position supine

By this we mean sleeping on your back. This is the position most recommended by pediatricians, based on scientific studies have shown that this is the safest way while the baby sleeps.

In case the newborn suffers from gastric reflux, some doctors recommend that mothers acquire a special mattress with a 45-degree tilt, to avoid complications with the baby during their sleep.

Prone position

Prone prone means placing the baby face down. Although some moms believe that babies are more comfortable sleeping, there are some pediatricians who question this method.

Taking into account the controversies that have been woven around this position for newborns, it is recommended to implement it only during the naptime of the baby, because during the day the mothers, parents or the caregiver may be continuously supervising the sleep of the little baby.

Position of dorsal position

Most mothers find that the best option is to put their babies to bed, because it gives them comfort and safety.

In this regard, specialists point out that if you choose this position, it is worth it that moms lift and stretch the arm of the baby that is next to the mattress, to prevent them from turning on themselves and remain face down.

Over the collection, coats and pillows

If you are one of the mums who practice the collection, then you should talk with your partner about the steps they must take to ensure the safety of the baby when all three are asleep.

In these cases it is usual for the baby to sleep in the middle of the bed, next to Mom and Dad , so it is recommended to cover up to the middle of the body in order that the baby is not under any blanket.

Parents should also try to sleep on their side, always looking towards the center of the bed. It is not recommended that neither of you turn your back on the baby. 

Wait until the baby’s two years to provide a pillow.

What is the correct way to shelter them while sleeping?

This response depends on the season of the year. If it is winter it is advisable to take care of rigor and to dress them with special monkeys to support the low temperatures.

When it comes to children so small, this option is better than blankets or blankets.

If it is summer then you prefer the cottonette that is cooler and more comfortable for the baby. 

Another frequent question among first-time moms is whether babies should sleep on pillows.

Pediatricians agree that it is better to wait until the age of two, until then it will be better to clear the crib of any pillow or teddy at bedtime. 

With this information you will see that it is easier than you think to contribute with an optimal rest for your baby.

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