How to stimulate a 3 month old baby

How to stimulate

The babies 3 months do not have highly developed senses as an adult, having large differences in the ability of each sense among themselves. First of all, stimulating the baby at 3 months requires patience. We will not receive a clear answer to know if it is working, having to use our intuition while we look at some small details that will let us know how to stimulate a 3 month old baby.

If we want these exercises to be really effective, it is better that we try to see them as leisure time together than as obligatory therapy for the child. They are moments where we will enjoy our little one while stimulating areas of his body, sensations and senses that are developing inside him. Our mere presence and interest will serve you to interact with the environment that surrounds you, establishing a mutual bond backed by the feeling of acting for your benefit.

Pay attention to the following tips to stimulate your baby.

How to stimulate a 3 month old baby

How to stimulate

Caress your body

One of the simplest methods and we perform unconsciously. Stimulating your body with our hands will help you to know the physical limits with respect to the world around you. It is better to be delicate caresses, alternating between small pressure points to draw attention to sustained caresses traveling part of your body. We can use it to check reflections that you have from birth, pressing in areas such as the palm of your hand or on your cheeks with your finger flexed.

Keep a constant communication

Babies learn language by mere observation, capturing the nuances of each language while trying to reproduce it by their means. If you want to know how to stimulate a 3 month old baby, the ideal is to interact with him while we talk to other people being present. Make him participate indirectly while understanding how we communicate with other adults, understanding the basic rules of both verbal language and that which is reduced to non-verbal communication. From 3 months baby will make sounds trying to communicate with us, moments that we can take to establish eye contact and understand what it means.

Play with your eyes

The view is one of the senses that take longer to fully develop. At 3 months the child does not have a vision beyond short distances, having to look at constant patterns to establish a complete picture. The best way to do on how to stimulate a 3 month old baby is keeping your eyes a few inches from your face and playing with swinging objects will help to stimulate the sense of sight. When we use toys it is important that they have a very defined aspect or with one or two striking colors above the rest, the child still cannot discern complex figures so we would lose their attention.

Allow me to play different textures

One of the most developed senses with this age is that of touch, wanting to apply pressure on all objects while moving them with their hands. It will allow you to play with different materials, exploring your limits with your hands. A plastic spoon, a teddy bear, a pen with the cap attached … anything manageable and that we can recover quickly will be adequate. Of course, we must watch when handling any object since babies at this age tend to take things to their mouths.

Make a small circuit on the ground

With three months the baby’s motor skills are very limited, practically reducing the limbs by focusing on the fingers. On the quarry of how to stimulate a 3 month old baby, we can place him on the floor surrounded by toys to try to reach them. He will not move but will attract his visual attention, swinging from one to the other while stretching his arms trying to catch them. They have to be objects of a single piece and very visually striking, being able to play to turn it around, move it a little from the air and approach it or move it away while we swing it.

Did you know…

If you have a garden, leave your baby on the grass and observe it. By far it is one of the most stimulating places for babies of any age, attentive to everything nature offers them, including the touch of grass, earth, the sound of insects, birds… Those were the tips for them who want to know how to stimulate a 3 month old baby.

Hope that will work!!

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