How to stimulate the baby’s memory


Memory is the capacity that all human beings have to retain, process and dispose of endless information. Although it seems incredible, is a skill that arises from before birth, but not consciously, but evolutionary and for that reason, we must stimulate the baby’s memory.

In fact, the period from the first moment of life to two years of age is marked by significant mental development. Therefore, it is a propitious time to put into practice a series of stimuli that allow to “enhance” it.

The main element to improve the whole process that leads to memorization and learning are the senses. Therefore, parents must have an effective methodology to achieve a stimulus that will mark the little ones for life.

What are the resources that help stimulate the baby’s memory? There are alternatives that are always at hand. Next, we want to review some of the most important ones so that you do not hesitate to take them into account.

How does the baby’s memory evolve in each stage?memory

The baby is born with a cognitive structure that is sufficiently developed to process the stimuli it receives. Their sense organs, especially sight and hearing, have the ability to collect “information” from the environment to strengthen the memorization.

This ability is strengthened as the development process takes place and becomes consolidated in an optimal way in early childhood, especially when it has been stimulated. And how does that evolution occur?

  • After 3 months he manages to identify toys.
  • By the time he is 6 months old, he becomes familiar with people who are close to him and are able to follow customs, such as when they prepare him for bathing.
  • With 9 months of age, they can remember more specific information, such as where in the house are their toys.
  • By the first year, he begins to use language and sounds to describe what he wants.
  • Already at 2 years old, his language has developed, remember familiar faces, names, objects, and colors. He also often repeats stories that have been told several times and begins to express his feelings. Since then the long-term memory develops.
  • After 3 years the child already develops a conscious memory that allows him to remember something important until he is an adult.

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Tips to stimulate the baby’s memorymemory

All parents can be involved in the development process of their children since they are babies. Although one part of evolution occurs biologically, another requires external stimuli to consolidate. Therefore, for the baby to develop an “elephant memory” some measures must be applied.

Strengthen the bond with the babymemory

To increase the willingness to memorize and learn it is important to start creating a “secure attachment” from the first days of life. By increasing self-esteem and confidence, the baby finds the necessary security to learn. How to do it?

  • Spend as much time as possible with the baby.
  • Give gentle massage or establish the skin-to-skin bond.
  • Talk to him constantly or sing to him.
  • Carry it in your arms whenever possible.

Establish routines for your basic needs

A very simple way to stimulate the memory of babies is to establish fixed routines to carry out their basic needs: food, rest, hygiene, among others. Thus, the baby begins to relate the schedules with habits.

Browse booksmemory

From six months of age, the baby begins to recognize and identify different objects. For this reason, it is a good time to start showing him stories with cartoons and colors.

Show family photos

The family photo album is an excellent resource to stimulate the baby’s memory. Showing the images of nearby people helps you relate faces and names and then recognize them.

Put it in front of the mirrormemory

It is very likely that in the first months of life the baby has contact with the mirror. However, only after eight months does he begin to recognize himself. You can take advantage to strengthen your memory by standing next to him and explaining what he sees in the reflection.

Other ways to stimulate the baby’s memory

  • Sing songs and show them music videos.
  • Play with different objects and describe their characteristics.
  • Choose toys to stack and fit to favor their visual and spatial memory.
  • Describe everything they see in their environment: birds, houses, airplanes, etc.
  • Play to hide objects.

What else do you do to stimulate the baby’s memory? Although you think he is too young to learn, his first months of life are key to developing an important part of his mental qualities. Do not overlook it!

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