The child is crying in sleep

Prospective parents are prepared in advance to the sleepless nights. Everyone knows that children living rhythm (including sleep) is significantly different from adult rhythms. The child sleeps little, but often. And to this, the parents are quite ready but if a child is crying in a dream, it’s alarming.

There are many reasons for this behavior of a young child. They can be both psychological and physiological. In addition, it can often understand by parents themselves, even without the help of professionals. The most important thing here is carefully to observe the child’s behavior and not only at night but during the day.

Reasons for crying child in a dream

In the first place, to determine why the child is crying in a dream, you need to know the standard reasons for this phenomenon. And it depends primarily on the age at which the behavior of the child during the night appeared. The easiest way to newborn children. There may be two large groups of causes: poor health and the absence of the mother next.

If the baby is crying in sleep, then maybe is concerned of colic. Children long accustomed to the new environment and to a special diet. The body is reconstructed and delivering the baby is uncomfortable. This is manifested precisely when the child is asleep because the baby sleeps more often after feeding.

Newborn baby crying in a dream for the same reasons. Nine months of the body held in the same environment, and now it needs to completely rebuild. Therefore, there are even psychological difficulties. The child feels anxiety. This is especially enhanced if the baby and mother sleeping separately.

Baby falls asleep in the arms of mom or next to it, and wake up alone – it makes baby negative emotions. Therefore, a child is crying in sleep. Baby does not wake up until the end but intuitively feels that mom is not around.

Generally, children sleep process is as complex as that of their parents. Scientific evidence shows that children as young as four months dreaming. If your child dreams of something unpleasant, then the child sobbing sleep. And it may even be similar almost crying. This behavior can be caused by the change of weather. Experienced parents know that the panic in this occasion it is not necessary.

Crying baby in a dream can be reduced by spends time with baby before going to bed. Children are very active, and the parents, trying as much as possible to entertain their child, still pushing this activity. As a result, the child overwork and mind gets too many impressions but has not got stronger brain with too much information.

If the child often cries in sleep and health reasons that pediatricians are not, you should think about how to change the mode of life of the child. After all, the baby does not understand what has caused such a reaction and cannot influence itself. But a bad dream or a lack of significant effect on the well-being of the baby. It becomes lethargic, moody, and then there is the child crying in his sleep greatly, not just sobbing.

But still, first and foremost, pay attention to the health of the child. At the age of 2-3 months, the baby cries during sleep due to colic and gas. And to half a year it will constantly harass teeth. However, if medical reasons are not found, do not torment the child hospitals. Most likely, the child himself will correct it. When in sleep causes the child will be crying, sleep and recover any consequences the child will not suffer.

Crying baby during sleep worried parents also because it does not look like that to which they were accustomed when a child is just naughty. Kids have 4 months to learn to express emotions at will, rather than spontaneously. However, the little baby crying in a dream, just like adults, unconsciously. Moreover, it is natural that it will be different from the tears that a child needs food or a toy.

In any case, try to find the cause and fix it. If you own does not work, consult your pediatrician.

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