How to treat watery eyes in babies

watery eyes in babies

When it comes to treating watery eyes in babies it is essential to take hygiene measures to avoid worsening the condition and possible infection.

Tearful eyes in babies can result from an obstruction of the tear duct or the development of conjunctivitis. Both conditions can be alarming since sometimes they are accompanied by redness, excessive legañas, and other obvious discomforts.

They do not usually represent a serious problem, but it is essential to give them a treatment since sometimes it lasts for several days. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a rigorous hygiene to avoid complications in the health in case of infections.

Do you know what to do to combat this symptom? Although sometimes the intervention of the pediatrician is required, it can almost always be reduced with some homemade solutions. In this opportunity, we want to share several recommendations so that you have them in mind.

Main causes of watery eyes in babies

treat watery eyes in babies

The eyes of babies, children, and adults always produce tears. The lacrimal glands release this fluid to keep the eyes lubricated and clean. However, when an obstruction or infection occurs, the tears do not drain and stagnate. In detail, watery eyes can result from:

Blockage of the lacrimal channel: Occurs when the channel is covered by a thin membrane that prevents the passage of tears.

Conjunctivitis: It is the inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye, almost always by a bacterial or viral infection. Sometimes it is also due to allergies or contact with irritants.

Influenza and cold: These respiratory diseases can also cause irritation and excess tears in the eyes of the baby.

Other causes: Allergies and accidental scratches can trigger the symptom. Learn to shaken baby syndrome causes.

Tips for treating watery eyes in babies

The first recommendation for the treatment of watery eyes in babies is to ensure good hygiene of both the child and those who have contact with it. If it is a case of infectious conjunctivitis, you should avoid rubbing your eyes.

In the same way, you have to wash your hands well before and after applying a remedy, since there is a risk of infection. Here we review some measures for their treatment:

Use compresses

The compresses with cold or lukewarm water can help to diminish the excessive tearing of the baby. Its slight anti-inflammatory effect diminishes the irritation of the eyes and provides a calming action when there is discomfort.

What should you do?

·         Moisten a clean cloth with water and apply it for 5 minutes over the child’s eyes.

·         To achieve better results, alternate the use of cold and warm compresses.

Wash with physiological saline

treat watery eyes in babies

The physiological saline or pharmacy fluids contain components that make it possible to clean the watery eyes of babies safely. They are recommended to remove those accumulations of secretions and crusts that are sticking to the eyelids.

What should you do?

·         Moisten a cotton swab with the sterile physiological saline and apply it carefully on the contour of the irritated eyes.

·         Repeat its use 2 or 3 times a day if you consider it necessary.

Apply an eye drop

Although it is best to consult the pediatrician before using an eye drop, it is a good solution when there is obstruction or conjunctivitis. These solutions fight infections and regulate the natural lubrication of the eye the babies.

What should you do?

·         Visit your trusted pediatrician and ask about the appropriate eye drops for the baby.

·         Use it following your recommendations. Avoid its excessive application.

Use chamomile

One of the best natural remedies for watery eyes in babies is chamomile water. This anti-inflammatory and disinfectant drink can help reduce the symptoms of conjunctivitis. In addition, it has a refreshing action that calms the ardor.

watery eyes in babies

What should you do?

·         Prepare a concentrated infusion of chamomile flowers and strain it.

·         Next, dip a clean cloth in the drink and apply it with gentle massage over the child’s eyes.

·         Repeat its use 2 times a day.

Use fennel

The properties of fennel in the treatment of watery eyes in babies are similar to those of chamomile. Its external application deflates irritated tissues and decreases the obstruction that causes tears to accumulate.

What should you do?

·         Make a concentrated drink of fennel seeds and filter it.

·         Then, moisten a soft cloth in the liquid and apply it over the baby’s eyes.

·         Use it 2 times a day if necessary.

When to go to the pediatrician?

If the symptoms do not improve in a few days, it is essential to request a consultation with the pediatrician. You should also have a check-up in case of yellowish and thick leganas, moderate fever and notoriously irritated eyes.

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