What Position To Sleep Newborn?

The question of what position to sleep newborn, usually raised among reasonable care and caring young mothers. Indeed, in the first three months of life, the infant grows and develops stronger in his/her sleep, which lasts from 17 to 22 hours a day. Therefore it is very important to create a comfortable environment for the baby quiet and good night’s sleep, but also help the defenseless accept crumbs is safe for life and health-friendly posture.

The natural physiological posture for sleeping newborn baby is lying on back, bent at the elbows handle cams are up, knees bent legs out to the sides, head on one side. But it is not only the right body position, which can and should sleep, baby. Acceptable posture for sleeping newborn is lying on its side, and lying on stomach. The only question is in what cases it is advisable to put the baby in a certain position, and in which care must be taken.

Sleep newborn on the back

This posture for sleeping newborn is considered the most secure and, therefore, the baby can be put in this position, to day and at night sleep as well. Be sure to turn the baby’s head to one side so that it is not drowned at possible regurgitation. In order to avoid the development of torticollis, try to change the rotation of the head with every night. It so happens that the baby prefers to sleep, turning the head only one any direction, for example, to the right. In this case, by changing the rotation of the head put under the left cheek newborn folded several times flannel diaper. Gradually reduce the number of layers of diapers and accustom the baby to a full rotation of the head on a flat surface on both sides.

Despite the popularity of poses, newborn sleep on your back cannot always be taken as a rule. So, for example, hip dysplasia is recommended to sleep newborn on the tummy. Also, pose a newborn to sleep on their backs can be unacceptable if muscular hypertonicity when the baby erratically waving pens and often wakes up. Of course, you can use the free diapering, diaper pressing the handle to the body, but not every child will agree to sleep in a random position. In addition, during intestinal colic sleeping newborn baby on the back can be restless and broken due to the complexity of flatus. In this case, you can put your baby on tummy with the warm diaper.

Sleep newborn on stomach

During waking to lay your baby on stomach must be at least once a day. Firstly, being in such a situation, the baby learns to hold the head, trains the muscles of the back, learns the world and develops the ability to navigate in space. Secondly, the position of the newborn in the stomach contributes to the rapid discharge of gases and minimizes pain intestinal colic.

But newborn sleeping on the stomach is possible only under supervision since there is the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This risk stems from the fact that a child can bury his nose in the surface on which asleep, and cut itself the access of oxygen, as well as respiratory, muscular and nervous systems,  are still immature, it is possible to sleep apnea.

You can put the newborn in the stomach only a hard and smooth surface, do not use blankets, pillows and cushions, toys and clean away any objects, lay a diaper so that at there is no slack. Do not forget to alternate turning of the head.

It is a fact that many kids are sleeping on the tummy tighter and quieter, but if you are not able to monitor the breathing of the child, it is better not to risk it, and after the baby is asleep, turn him/her onto stomach or on the flank.

Sleep newborn on its side

Sleeping newborn on the side considered safe, provided that exclude the possibility of self-coup baby on the stomach. Therefore, lay the baby is better not to the side and tucked under the back cushion of blankets or bath towel. In this posture for sleeping newborn handle located in front of the face, and the baby can scratch themselves, so be sure to put it on the baby’s undershirt with sleeves sewn or scratchy.

This position sleeping newborn is well suited for frequently spit up children, as well as for kids, painfully undergoing formation of the digestive system and suffering from intestinal colic, as pressed to belly legs facilitate carminative.

Sleeping newborn on its side is contraindicated for children with hip dysplasia and for infants under the age of three months since this posture is characterized by increased pressure on the pelvic bone.

Sleep newborn with head above the level of the body

Some mothers believe that if put to bed the newborn on the pillow or give torso slightly elevated position, the baby will be more comfortable, it will be smaller regurgitate in a dream and not so painful experience intestinal colic. This view is erroneous. To the child slept quietly enough after feedings to hold it for 5-10 minutes a column, slightly pressing it to his/her belly, resting head on shoulder and patting on the back. Sleeping newborn should also horizontally on a flat surface, and to spine, including the cervical spine, developed correctly; the head should be positioned flush with the body.

Alternate posture for sleeping newborn in accordance with the above recommendations, and, of course, listen to your baby that will certainly tell you what position he/she like to sleep sweetly.

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