How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

The first bathing a newborn is an important and extremely crucial moment in the life of each young parent. What temperature should be water, what to add to it, so that the baby’s skin remains soft and tender, how not to harm the baby and hundreds more global issues plague the newly-made mom and dad right after discharge from the maternity hospital, because modern pediatricians recommend bathing babies almost from the first day of life. But perhaps the most important point in preparing for water procedures is the choice of the bath – it depends on her comfort and safety how convenient the crumbs will be during washing.

5 reasons to get a bathing a newborn

Some parents are sure that if you have a classic bathroom in the apartment, you cannot buy a special accessory for a newborn. Of course, such an opinion also has a right to exist; however, such savings will significantly complicate the process of bathing itself and, moreover, may adversely affect the health and comfort of the baby. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully weigh the pros and cons, before abandoning the really necessary thing.

A comfortable and well thought-out bath for newborns has a number of indisputable advantages compared to a stationary adult bathroom:

  • It is much easier to keep the baby in it, especially at first, while the parents have not really mastered the complex science of bathing a newborn.

  • This accessory is much easier to keep clean. If there are several people living in the apartment, and each of them, naturally, uses the bathroom, it is not surprising that the enamel walls will never be crystal fresh and clean. Because of this, the sensitive skin of a newborn may suffer.
  • Disinfection bath for a newborn takes a minimum of time. Before bathing a newborn capacity should be thoroughly disinfected with a special safe tool that is much easier to do if you have a small tank in front of you, and not a classic bath.
  • So you protect the enamel bathroom from eaten stains. Newborns are often bathed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or decoction of herbs that are useful for hypersensitive baby skin. However, such liquids can paint white enamel, and it will not be easy to clean it.
  • You do not have to boil a lot of water. If you adhere to the classical traditions and decide to bathe the newborn in boiled water until the healing of the umbilical wound, it will be difficult to heat and then cool the whole bath. It is much easier to boil a couple of voluminous pots with which you can fill a small capacity for bathing a newborn. The same principle also works when the hot water is turned off: only a couple of kettles will solve the problem of washing the child, despite household restrictions.

How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

In addition, such a purchase will hardly hit the budget: in addition to modern tricked devices, there are also conventional classic plastic containers for sale, which are distinguished by an affordable price and very limited functionality, compact folding and inflatable models, and antibacterial accessories – in a word can make life easier for young parents and turn bathing a newborn into a relaxing and really enjoyable procedure.

The main thing is safety or the most important nuances that are worth paying attention to.

To choose the right bath, which will delight the newborn and make life easier for mom and dad, you need to study a lot of information, read reviews on the subject forums, consider detailed and preferably real photos – only this way you can understand which model fits your ideas about comfort and practicality. The key criteria that directly affect the quality of the bath for a newborn include:

  • Availability of certificates. The most important thing in the chosen bath for a newborn is its safety for a sensitive children’s body. Therefore, always check the certificates of compliance with hygienic requirements that allow you to use the device to care for a newborn.
  • Weight recommendations. Along with durable thick plastic constructions, thin, lightweight models suitable for bathing a newborn are on sale. But if you assume that the mass of the child will be impressive, and, moreover, you plan to bathe it separately for at least a year, you should definitely estimate the maximum weight that the bath can withstand – it will be clear from these numbers whether the fragile walls will withstand the restless activities.
  • Spaciousness. Too tight containers will be extremely inconvenient for both the newborn and his parents: the first will feel awkward, and the latter will not be able to really wash it.

How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

  • Antiskid inserts. Most of the quality baths, even classic ones and quite inexpensive, have non-slip rubber inserts inside, and sometimes also a grooved bottom. This texture protects the baby from falling into the water and helps parents to ensure safety.
  • Built-in drain. If your baby loves to bathe for a long time, you will certainly appreciate this function! Thanks to a special drain hole on the bottom of the bath, you will be able to update the water as it cools, without disturbing the bathing a newborn.
  • Sustainability.  Whatever model of bath you choose for a newborn, make sure that it stands correctly on a solid, level surface, has several rubberized legs and remains stable even under external influence.
  • No external defects. This item is important not only from an aesthetic point of view – the compromised integrity of the inner coating can cause scratches, irritation, rubbing and other skin injuries caused by exposure to a rough, rough wall.

How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

All these items will greatly facilitate the choice of flour bath for the newborn, will allow parents to create the most comfortable conditions for the first days of life of the crumbs, as well as ensure safety during prolonged contact with artificial materials.

The range of trays for newborns

If you want the chosen bath for the baby to be safe, comfortable, practical and at the same time relatively inexpensive, it is worth considering the models offered by modern manufacturers in more detail, because each of them has a number of its own advantages and disadvantages. What product should you choose among the variety of baby baths? Detailed analysis of each variety will make the right choice!

Classic plastic container

Spacious, comfortable and, moreover, quite inexpensive trays, which were used by our grandmothers. The functionality of this accessory for newborns is extremely limited: it is possible to bathe the baby in it, independently holding one hand under the head. In most simple models, you will not find modern devices – a thermometer, an anatomical slide or hammock, a relief anti-slip mat, etc. However, if necessary, they can be purchased separately – it will still be cheaper than a newfangled device with a lot of built-in functions.

Despite the abundance of modern baths for newborns, many parents still prefer to choose simple and unpretentious classics, and there are many reasons for this:

  • Such containers, as a rule, are larger than the others, therefore, they satisfy the needs of both babies and one-year-old toddler;
  • the variety of colors, forms, and design options allows you to choose a stylish and interesting model, which will appeal to the crumbs;
  • Budget cost.

In addition, the plastic walls are easily cleaned of impurities and disinfected, which greatly simplifies the care of the product.

Anatomical bath for infants

Such a bath differs from the classical one by the presence of a built-in slide with special anatomic recesses that support the newborn, greatly facilitating the bathing process. It is recommended by the absolute majority of pediatricians since the internal profile perfectly follows the contours of the baby’s back.

Choosing such a model, it should be borne in mind that it is less roomy than the classical one, and therefore it will be cramped for an older toddler. However, at the age of six months, when the baby is already sitting independently, it can be washed in the adult bathroom, using a special chair to support the backrest.

How And What To Choose For Bathing A Newborn?

Shower Accessories

If instead of a bathroom you have installed a fashionable shower stall, it is much more difficult to choose a bathing container for the newborn – not all of them fit in the limited space of the pan. For such bathrooms, manufacturers offer round tubs that visually resemble a wide bucket with a handle. Of course, in this case, it will be necessary to bathe the child only sitting, but who said that he would not like it?

One of the most common models for the shower bath is the “Mother’s tummy.” The bowl shape and sizes of this device are designed in such a way as to maximally resemble the intrauterine space. This allows newborns to relax, feeling them in a familiar environment. Such a model also has healing properties – in it, the baby calms down, quickly adapts to new conditions, it is easier to tolerate attacks of colic and increased gas formation.

Such a convenient at first glance design is not without flaws and weighty ones. These include:

  • Inconvenience during washing. To wash the legs and crotch of the newborn, parents will have to adapt, and even with a certain skill, it is not always easy.
  • Small volumes. Such a bath is designed for small children up to about 2-3 months – after that, it will be problematic to fit the baby into the container.

The listed models of baths for newborns are basic: hundreds of other options are based on them:

  • with coasters and without
  • built into the furniture case
  • antibacterial (not requiring disinfection),
  • inflatable or foldable for a small bathroom,
  • With special features for the comfort of babies: anatomical support, anti-slip coating, all kinds of bath toys, a thermometer, stand for hygiene products, etc.

To choose the best option, it is worth sensibly assessing the needs of the newborn and the characteristics of your bathroom and only after that make a responsible decision, on which the first impressions of the baby from water procedures will depend!

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